Success Stories

We couldn't have written these any better.

  • This year I decided to expand my advertising strategy to include Workbook. Within 3 months, I landed my first assignment as a direct result of my presence there (online, as the printed book had not yet even dropped). Not only was the WB team amazingly supportive during onboarding — the platform works!

    Bill Miles Photographer
  • Nothing kills a great idea faster than a bad execution. At citrus, we supply the concept-Workbook supplies the talent that helps us bring it to life.

    Kevin Archer Executive Creative Director, citrus, Portland and Bend, Oregon
  • So I have never had a Workbook story to share but I do now and wanted to let you know. So after signing up for the Workbook, as usual, it has taken me awhile to get my work on your site. Kirsten sent me new specs for images, so I have to relocate, and rescan images to your new specs. I just finished yesterday putting up 4 galleries at around 4:45pm, and left the studio for the day.

    This morning I come in to find an email that was sent at 4:54 from Strausberg Advertising & Design in Santa Monica. They were needing an illustrator to create an animal for a logo, and saw my Animal Portfolio, and well, I secured the job this morning. About 10 minutes of having my portfolio online with WB I get a hit, and a job.

    Just wanted to share with you......

    I better go, I am working on the sketches right now.

    We'll talk soon I am sure.

    David Danz Illustrator
  • I can't count how many years I've been with Workbook, but with every year I am, I always get work directly related to the ads I put in.
    It's really been a great service, and the folks at Workbook always treat me really well.

    Dennis Welsh Photographer
  • As a young photographer with a distinctive style trying to break into a competitive national market, Workbook was very instrumental. Over the years, as the landscape of professional photography has evolved so dramatically, Workbook has always made sense in my marketing plans. The guidance and opinions that I've received from my Workbook representative, Linda Levy, have been very helpful and educational, and that expertise is a big part of Workbook's success for me. It helps tremendously to be in the company of talented artists and photographers so that potential buyers know they can go to Workbook to choose from only top talent. I've been participating for over 15 years, and every year my presence in Workbook more than pays for itself as it continues to help build my brand. As an online presence, my Workbook Online portfolio drives many buyers to my own website and is a very integral part of my business. It's search features and portfolio format are very helpful to creatives looking for talent, and the tracking features available to advertisers really help me to know who's responding to what. It's good to know that as I add motion to my repertoire Workbook Online is ready and waiting for my motion pieces as well. As a photographer in today's very competitive and fractured market, I'd like to discourage any and all from Workbook and suggest that you instead, do extremely expensive yet fragile direct mail pieces and perhaps late night local cable ads. I'll stick with Workbook.

    Greg Whitaker Greg Whitaker Photography
  • Over the last few years, I have received random, one-off jobs from industry magazines. I wanted the big fish, but I was tired of waiting for them to come to me. A few months ago, my buddy told me about Workbook. The site is full of a variety of resources.
    After a week of sending out emails, I received an email from a major sports magazine. The magazine wanted me to shoot an athlete's family who live on the east side of my city and asked if I would be interested. I was ecstatic. Not only had my emails been reaching the right people, but now I had a photo shoot for a huge client.
    Even though I wasn't sending out pretty little marketing pieces to these publications, I still got my work in front of them. The right people saw my images. And convenience is a powerful thing. If I can save these photo editors and directors some time and make their lives easier by being their go-to guy in my region, then it's a win-win for them and for me.

    Nick Fancher FSTOPPERS.COM
  • The Workbook has been around almost as long as I have been shooting. If you don't know the Workbook, it is an annual industry source book focusing on photographers and illustrators catering to those industries and the people who utilize their services.
    As an instructor and mentor, I have recommended the Workbook for years as one of the best resources for our industry, and with this new iteration I'll continue to do the same. Workbook has done a great job of staying current with the industry, as well as maintaining a top-notch database in an industry that changes more often than the seasons.
    If you are not using Workbook as a support system for your studio, I highly recommend you get onboard!

    Dana Hursey Photographer
  • Our location assignment photographers have many options when it comes to spending their money on marketing and self-promotion. We believe as agents, one of our important functions is to understand the dynamics of these various opportunities and to help guide them in the right direction. Our experience with Workbook goes back more than 15 years, and we continue to find that advertising with Workbook provides one of the highest returns on investment for our roster. Workbook and consistently provide The Gren Group with access to some of the top decision makers in what has become a very crowded marketplace.

    Mark Winer Managing Partner, The Gren Group, Inc.
  • I've advertised in Workbook for many years. I have strayed to other books that made great offers, but I always come back to Workbook. Whenever I get an assignment call, I ask how they found me. The answer is always Workbook! The Workbook website is the first stop for art buyers and art directors because of its search capabilities. If my work matches the search criteria, they find me. Updating my portfolio is easy and customizable. I also love that as a client, I have full access to the Workbook Directory in order to contact prospective clients via email, direct mail, or personal interviews. Shopping for contacts a la carte is way more practical and affordable than buying bulk lists that you'll never use. I depend on Workbook to keep me out there and pulling in assignments.

    Mark Stutzman Illustrator
  • It's always a big decision year-to-year when you're looking ahead and considering your marketing budget. My first year with Workbook was in 2013, and it paid for itself within the first two months! I'm very pleased with the results I've had.

    David Aaron Troy DAT Pictures, David Aaron Troy, An American Photographer
  • I went the old-school route and found Raygun in the Workbook. I still get it, and it's the first place I go if I'm looking for great illustration/photo-illustration talent.

    Brad Terres TCI, SPX Corporation
  • So cliche to say, but Workbook DOES work. The team behind it is thoughtful and helpful, and their artwork nudges are particularly funny. I've done many other sourcebooks with moderate success. What is success? Jobs? Traffic to the site? From the start I've noticed clients contacting me through the book or site. Yes, there are some "tire kickers" out there just looking for numbers, but there are also legitimate clients, with budgets to work with, who have done their homework. In the past year we amped up our Workbook presence, and the results are clear. I do feel it's not a place to show what you think people want to see. Its a tool to get people curious, to get them to the site, to contact you. Show your better work and make an impact. Make it count for you and everyone who opens the book.

    Walter Smith Walter Smith Photography + Motion
  • Growing up in South Africa aspiring to be an artist one day, and now as an art director and illustrator in Los Angeles, Workbook has been a continuous source of inspiration, exposing me to a world of talent and setting the bar for excellence in the creative industry.

    Magrikie Berg Senior Art Director/Illustrator, Faction Creative, Art Machine, Trailer Park, Los Angeles
  • I have worked with Workbook for over 20 years now and obviously would not continue if I didn't find the association extremely productive. The bottom line is they produce, and they produce with consistency. I have developed strong contacts with my advertising sales rep Bob Pastore and the Workbook support staff. I have found Workbook to be proactive and always on the forefront of technology that best serves Workbook clients. In summation, I am very satisfied and have recommended Workbook to many of my colleagues.

    Richard Solomon Artists' Representative
  • I know how many have switched to the digital world, but when it comes to looking at art there is still nothing like a book. (if you can't get the real thing!) So yes, please send me a set at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

    Barry Barnes Trained Eye Graphics
  • After years of relying on direct mail for advertising, I decided to give Workbook a try. In my very first year, the return on my investment was more than ten-fold. I'll definitely continue to advertise with Workbook in the future. Thanks, Workbook.

    Richard Thompson Illustrator
  • As an art buyer for over 15 years, Workbook is my go-to source. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, organized and nimble - often more so than personal sites. There are new options for marketing every year, but I find the Workbook has stood the test of time. Also, the people at Workbook seem to really care about the talent they represent. Not only do they want to help grow a photographer's or illustrator's business but also to inspire artistic voice. In my mind, Workbook is not just a sourcebook; it's both an institution and a trusted friend.

    Susan Cartland Senior Art Producer, mcgarrybowen
  • Workbook has been indispensable; my business would not be the same without it.

    Paul Aresu Photographer
  • I count on Workbook every year to deliver clients, and it always does. Online, offline, it makes no difference; in my mind they all end up at the Workbook eventually.

    Ralph Mennemeyer Artist Representative
  • I checked out many of the other potential places to advertise, and the packages are nowhere near the value of Workbook (the directory, website, blog, and more). I asked other reps, and the majority of them agree that if you are only doing one directory, Workbook is the one to do. It is just as important as updating your website and producing direct mail and email promotions. alone brings in more traffic to than anything. FACT!

    Norman Maslov Artist Representative
  • Workbook is still the best source for photography and illustration I.M.H.O.!

    David Ensz CD, Pasadena Advertising