Workbook is an authority in the creative industry. For decades, we’ve helped creative teams find the best artists working in the commercial world. Top buyers trust Workbook for the photographers, illustrators, designers, and stylists they need every day. Finding the perfect match for your project is easy with Workbook.

How does it work?

Workbook works in so many ways to connect creative teams with artists. First, there are the print Workbooks – distributed to select creative professionals across North America. Next, there is Workbook.com, where buyers can search through photography, illustration, and production portfolios to quickly find what they need. Then there are all the other tools in the Workbook toolbox: a robust social media presence, an online database of all the people necessary to make any project a reality, a popular blog to showcase new and interesting work from our artists, and mobile apps so buyers can find the best talent anywhere, anytime.

Why should I choose Workbook?

If you’re a creative or producer looking to hire a photographer, illustrator, or stylist, the answer to that question is simple: Workbook is the best resource in the business, and has been for almost 40 years.

If you’re a photographer, illustrator, or stylist, then Workbook not only puts your work in front of the best people possible, but also gives you the added distinction of being in an elite group: the artists hand-picked by our knowledgeable team to represent the best in the business right now.

  • William Daniels III

    William Daniels III


  • Linda Levy

    Linda Levy

    Photography & Illustration Sales

  • Bob Pastore

    Bob Pastore

    Illustration Sales

  • Mary Preussel

    Mary Preussel

    Photography & Illustration Sales

  • Heidi Goverman

    Heidi Goverman

    Photography & Illustration Sales

  • Suzanne Semnacher

    Suzanne Semnacher

    Director of Marketing

  • Jim Hudak

    Jim Hudak

    Director of Technology

  • Austin Gould

    Austin Gould

    Online Advertising Manager

  • Kirsten Larson

    Kirsten Larson

    Online Portfolio Director

  • Marie Oley

    Marie Oley

    Director of Print Production

  • Stephen Chiang

    Stephen Chiang

    Network Administrator