The 2023 Workbook DXE

The all-new way to experience all-new work.

The new edition of the Workbook DXE (Dynamic Experience Edition) is here, with 400 photographers, illustrators, directors and designers ready to show you their latest and greatest work.

Whether you use Workbook as a source of connection or inspiration, you’ll always find something new. New work. New talent. New approaches. If this is your first time, we invite you to check out some of the industry’s best talent. If you’ve been here before, you might notice a few changes. Either way, Welcome to Workbook. Welcome to the Next Step.


Your Fall 2022
Workbook is here.

There’s always been something about seeing work in print. That’s why there’s the print Workbook. It’s a tangible statement by our creative talent. But if you don’t have the place for such things, there’s always our digital book. There’s everything you get in print, plus animation from the artists and video from the photographers. It’s eye and ear candy. Sweet.


The Workbook
Directory is filled with
people who know how
to get things done.

They’re the talent behind the talent. From stylists to make up artists to location scouts, you can find them here. 35,000 strong. Need a dog trainer? Look no further. Need a trained Yorkie to partner up with a Siberian Husky? Our advanced search is that advanced.

Image by: SKS Productions


You Have Standards. So Do We.

Workbook is much more than just a collection of images to view and inspire. It’s a community of artists and artisans, photographers and craftspeople with next level talent. These are the professionals you’ve been looking for. And we’re sure you’ll want to work with them again.

Brian Molyneaux Portfolio

Brian Molyneaux

Steve Babuljak Portfolio

Steve Babuljak

Sandy Rosencrans Portfolio

Sandy Rosencrans

Tim Bradford Portfolio

Tim Bradford

Marta Zafra Portfolio

Marta Zafra

Owen Freeman Portfolio

Owen Freeman

Nolan Matthews Portfolio

Nolan Matthews

SPLASH Productions Portfolio

SPLASH Productions

Rich Conley Portfolio

Rich Conley

Juan Manuel Moreno Portfolio

Juan Manuel Moreno

Kailey Whitman Portfolio

Kailey Whitman

R. Brad Knipstein Photography Portfolio

R. Brad Knipstein Photography

Our voices. Our community.

We stay connected with the creative world so you can stay connected. So whether it’s getting inside an Art Buyer’s mind or pulling the curtain back on a photographer’s process, we go there. And you’re invited to join us.

By Kotryna Zukauskaite


Got a new campaign? Traveled to the other side of the world to get your shot? Want to show a personal piece of art? The Newsroom is your place to share inspiration, work, and obviously, news.

By Lauren Lowen


These are webinars filled with insights from both sides of the table. It’s a deep dive into timely issues facing the creative world. You don’t want to miss a single one.

By Charles Chaisson


Members of our creative community talking about creative stuff. Art buyers tell what they are looking for. Artists tell marketing success stories. All in a creative way.