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Charles, "Chuck", Pyle was born in California and went to art school in San Francisco. He drew pictures from an early age and still remembers fondly the unique aroma of warm crayons and manila paper. Early artistic influences were Thomas Nast, Charles Dana Gibson, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, James R. Neill, and the great editorial cartoonists like Oliphant, Herblock, and Daumier. 

Art school broadened Chuck's palette of influences and interests to the great painter illustrators like Rockwell, Cornwell, Pyle, Tepper, Parker as well as the late nineteenth and early twentieth century painters of note. He learned to draw under Barbara Bradley's tutelage, and to be an illustrator under an apprenticeship with James Sanford. 

Since 1977, he has painted for clients worldwide and for himself whenever possible. He also teaches drawing at his alma mater to the next generation of artists who want to draw and interpret from the world they see in front of them. Chuck is the director of the illustration department at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 
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