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Marketing yourself has never been so easy.
With the Workbook Directory, you can access the most stringently
verified and well-curated database of creative buyers in North America.
How can we be so certain? Easy—we use it ourselves!

How does it work?

Subscribe to the Workbook Directory and you not only gain access to buyers’ contact information, but you also get the tools necessary to help you market your work to the right people. Nearly 30,000 potential clients—fully vetted to make sure you aren’t wasting your time or your money.

What is it?

The Workbook Directory is a database of creative buyers, artists, representatives, and suppliers from across the U.S. and Canada. We have been using it to distribute our creative sourcebooks for over 30 years, and now you can use it to get your work seen by the most qualified buyers in the business.

How much is it?

Subscriptions start as low as $65 a month! There is no better deal on the market to help you be seen and get hired. Subscribe today!

What features does it have?

Subscribers are able to create and download unlimited mailing lists, create and print out mailing labels at home, access e-mail information for qualified contacts, and much more. The best feature is that all this comes at a fraction of the cost of any other database out there.