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Jason Lindsey Motion Interview

Posted by Workbook on 11/17/2010 — Filed under:  HeadlineInterviewsPhotography
Jason Lindsey is an accomplished photographer who also shoots motion and film work. His short film, Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage, recently got into the Freaky Creek Film Festival and should be appearing at several other film festivals in the near future.

Have you entered into motion work to expand the services you can offer to potential clients or for creative reasons?

I started shooting it for Creative Reasons. I have always been interested in it and had actually started shooting motion about 2 years before DSLRs had the capabilities.

How long were you interested in motion work before you decided to begin shooting motion?

I took a few film history classes in college and loved it then. I was also a motion designer for a PBS station and worked on several documentaries right out of college.

Have you experienced increased pressure in recent years to produce motion work over still?

I would not say increased pressure but my clients are very interested in it and love that it is an option now.

Do you feel the added emphasis on motion is a positive or negative change for photographers?

I like it and don't see it as pressure. I do not think it is something a photographer has to do and in fact if they feel pressure like they have to do it then they probably should not. I think you need to have a passion for it in order to be successful.

What are the most difficult aspects of transitioning from photography into motion?

I think the technical stuff is pretty easy now days with the web. I think it is in understanding that the story  trumps all in motion. You need to develop story telling skills. I find that very intriguing and it is influencing my still photography as well. I think it is making me a better still photographer.

How does your general approach to a project differ between motion and still work?

I guess I approach them about the same but I find that the agencies/clients look to me to be involved in developing the idea more and at an earlier stage. I really like that aspect of it. It reminds me of when I worked as an Art Director. I always loved the collaboration process.

How did the short film Thomas Gage develop? How were casting and sound decided?

I was in Ireland helping teach a photography class and we used the film to help teach DSLR filmmaking. The cast was decided based on who was available. Our guide was the story teller and played the music. We recorded the music in a very old Abbey. The rest of the cast are students from Lander University. It was an amazing experience working with the students and their professor, Jon Holloway.

What role do you plan on having with both still and motion work in the future? More emphasis on motion than photography? More short films, full length films?

I do not see myself doing less photography. I still love the magic of a still photo. I am not sure how things will play out between the Motion and Stills. I will definitely be doing more short films. It is a great creative outlet. Had a meeting this morning about several short film ideas. We are going to explore two or three ideas and see which ones work best.

As someone who's worked as both a director and cinematographer in motion, is there one role you prefer over the other?

Directing is more how a still photographer works. The still photographer is really like a Director/DP doing both directing and shooting. So I am used to working in that way. I enjoy the collaborative process of being the cinematographer with someone else directing. When you work with a director you have many opportunities to learn and see how someone else sees the world. It helps you to learn about how you see the world. So I am not sure I really sure because I enjoy both.

Take a look at Jason's short film, "Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage".

Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage from Jason Lindsey on Vimeo.

Jason's site:

Jason's Workbook portfolio:

Jason Lindsey's Short Film, "Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage"

Posted by Workbook on 10/28/2010 — Filed under:  HeadlineMotionPhotography
"Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage", directed by Jason Lindsey, recently got into the Freaky Creek Film Festival and should be appearing at several other film festivals in the near future.

Short Film: Pray for the Soul of Thomas Gage from Neighborhood Sandbox on Vimeo. and