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Jason Moriber: Notes from the Undertone

Posted by Jason Moriber on 07/06/2010 — Filed under:  Marketing Intelligence
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Notes from the undertone: CEPIC New Media Conference

Bubbling up on my social media radar were tweets, quotes and posts from CEPIC's New Media Conference <> in Dublin Ireland. The gist of the conference, which was presented and organized by Lee Torrens (who, among a few things, keeps a blog about his experience selling microstock, microstockdiaries <>), was MicroStock, Metadata, New Media as Marketing Tools, and Stock Video.

I follow two artists on Twitter, Shannon Fagan <>, Taylor Davidson, <> (Taylor is also a peer in the consulting arena). Both were speaking on a panel devoted to Stock Media (photo and video) and how to prepare your business for what's next. I wasn’t aware of the conference until I read their initial tweets about the event.

Many conferences choose a unique identifier for social media channels. Attendees who are posting about the event intentionally plant a shared keyword (in this case #CEPIC <>) within their posts in order for someone (as I did) to follow the goings-on of the event using social media tools (such a twitter and/or tweetdeck). It’s not like being there, but it’s a good second cousin to being there.

Overall the data being noted was insightful, but not shocking or liberating. There is concern from both artists and vendors on the state of the image-making industry. The solutions remain vague, but within some of the comments and quotes are gold-nuggets that could lead to the answers that many artists are trying to define for themselves. Here are some key posts that struck a chord with me:

Here are a few gold-nuggets I gathered from the event through the social media channels:

- At iStockphoto < >, 50% of the images are from 7% of photographers. 50% of iStock’s sales belong to 2% of the photographers.

- Yuri Arcurs <>, micro-stock photographer, said 5% of his collection gets 50% of the sales. His commission is 53%.

- Andres Rodriguez <>, microstock photographer, noted that even tough… "Originality is key. Repetition is becoming the rule. Everybody copies."

- offered some more stats (of 400 survey respondents):

- Average Income from microstock: $10,654

- Median Income: $2,560

- Average Age: 41

- Median Age: 41

You can find more data here:

And one very relevant note on Social Media in general came from the motivational speaker Beate Chelette:  "You must communicate with your clients, not with another photographer."

You can check out the entire conversation-flow at the Twitter search page:

Let me know your questions and comments. Thanks!