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Yodelist mention on Webcast!

Posted by Workbook on 10/23/2013 — Filed under:  Community TableEditor's PicksFeaturesInterviews
Check out last week's webcast featuring Lifetime Fitness Art Producer and Workbook endorser, Kat Dalager.

Aside from crazy good insight for photographers (and illustrators, no doubt) on how to approach creatives for work, Yodelist was mentioned by Consultant and Portfolio Editor  Suzanne Sease!

Sit back, relax or grab a pen and enjoy!

Art Producers Speak: Jeff Luker

Posted by Workbook on 03/26/2013 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineInterviewsPhotography
We emailed Art Buyers and Art Producers around the world asking them to submit names of established photographers who are keeping it fresh and up-and-comers who they are keeping their eyes on. If you are an Art Buyer/Producer or an Art Director at an agency and want to submit a photographer anonymously for this column, please email:

Anonymous Art Producer: I nominate Jeff Luker.

How many years have you been in business?

That is sort of a hard question for me to answer; I have been taking photographs as long as I can remember, and I think every photo I have taken has in some way shaped my current path. But as far as considering it as a “business,” I guess I would have to say that within the last couple of years I have made the transition to “professional” photographer, which to me means that my main source of income now comes from photography, and I am no longer working another job to afford my photography pursuits.

Are you self-taught or photography-school taught?

I am self-taught by and large; I had a few photo courses in college, but I was studying filmmaking in school, which is not to say that studying cinema did not have a great influence on my photography.

Who was your greatest influence that inspired you to get into this business?

Probably William Eggleston. After I finished school, I was really dabbling in all different things; I was really into taking photos but was also writing, playing music, and trying to pursue a film career, and this was on top of working whatever menial jobs I had at the time. So it was difficult to have the time and energy for everything.

Then I moved to New York, and the first week I was there I saw the Eggleston retrospective at the Whitney. Something really changed inside me. I remember walking around the city after the show and just feeling like, for the first time, I really understood something about photography I previously hadn’t. And from then on that was it; my love affair with photography was all consuming, and I said this is it, this is all I want to do.

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The Passing of David Martin: An employee's view of a legend in advertising

Posted by Workbook on 10/17/2012 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadline
By Suzanne Sease

You may have heard the slogan  “Virginia is For Lovers.” The tag line is the work of David Martin, the founder of The Martin Agency. Unfortunately, we lost Dave last week, but his legacy will live on. I have been reflecting since learning of Dave’s illness and of his passing and feel his legacy is not just that he created one of the best advertising agencies beyond Madison Avenue, but more about the kind of man he was.

My story about getting to know Dave Martin is a funny one. In the summer of 1982, I had an internship at Richardson, Myers & Donofrio (now Carton Donofrio Partners) in Baltimore. The creative director knew I was in school in Richmond, VA and mentioned that Hal Donofrio was a friend of Dave Martin. So when I was in the hallway with Hal, I asked him if I could use his name to get an internship at Martin. Hal kindly agreed. When I returned to Richmond, I called The Martin Agency and asked the assistant if she would tell Mr. Martin that Mr. Donofrio said I should call him. That evening, I got a call back from Dave Martin. He asked what type of internship I wanted, and the very next day the production manager called me. She said Dave had put a note on her desk the same night we had talked! I worked during the summer of 1983 and part time (paid) for several months while I was in school. This story shows the type of man Dave Martin was—he treated everyone equally.

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Still Images in Great Advertising - Hunter Freeman

Posted by Workbook on 05/24/2012 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineInterviewsPhotographyPro Bono
"Still Images In Great Advertising" is a column where Suzanne Sease discovers great advertising images and then speaks with the photographers about it.

When I was at The Martin Agency, I had the pleasure of working with Hunter Freeman on many of occasions. Hunter has always had a great knack for mixing humor with high production value and this campaign for the San Francisco Zoo is no exception. When I reached out to Hunter, he and his rep Heather Elder were excited to talk about this ad campaign for twofifteenmccann.

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