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Heather Elder: Are Your Shelves Stocked?

Posted by Workbook on 02/14/2011 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMarketing Intelligence

Are your shelves stocked?

What if you went to buy your morning coffee and they had run out? Or, every time you went to check the news online it hadn’t changed? What if you went to the market to buy milk and it was always expired? Or to your favorite boutique and the selection never changed? Would you go back? If you were generous or had a good experience in the past you might give them one more chance. I bet not two more.

Obviously, every business needs to update and refresh their inventory. CONSTANTLY. Choosing to not stock the shelves or trade out the expired items for fresh ones will ultimately cause people to go elsewhere.

So then, why is it that so many photographers think they don’t have to update their own inventory?

Do they think it is because the great images they took yesterday should be enough to sustain them tomorrow? Are they too busy with everything else on their to do lists? Or are they just not inspired? I am guessing the reason changes more often than they shoot something new.

Recently, we attended Le Book’s LA Connections (click here to see our review of the event). Given the amount of imagery being viewed in one day and  the fact that many who stopped by were familiar with our photographers already; it wasn’t surprising that some requested to see “only the new work.”

By the end of the day, it was painfully obvious that new work was not just a filter for their LA Connections visit but instead one that they use all the time.

This makes total sense. Everyone’s time is limited. People expect variety. They want to know what is next. You wouldn’t want to read the same headlines over and over, so why would you expect your clients to want to see the same work over and over?

In our group, we remind our photographers that having new inventory to choose from makes everyone’s jobs easier.  We can update websites, create ads, send emailers, make appointments, contact clients on their behalf, utilize social media and cheerlead more for them to name a few.

They hear us say over and over that new inventory yields new marketing opportunities.

Without new inventory, none of us can take advantage of any of those opportunities. Without new inventory no one can generate new business.

Without new inventory there is no business.

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