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Workbook Submission Guidelines

The Workbook provides its clients with valuable opportunities to promote their work in a variety of formats. These marketing tools are only available to Workbook contributors.

General Blog Submissions

Submit to Blog submissions are accepted from current online and print artists and their agents.

Criteria: The Social account accepts submissions for a variety of categories. For example, recent campaigns, recent client photo shoots, recent magazine spreads, winning images from contests, pro-bono work, production, live action advertisement, behind-the-scenes images of campaigns, promotional work, anything related to marketing intelligence, or award-winning images are acceptable. View the Workbook Blog for a full list of categories.

File: JPEG or PDF

Size: No smaller than 72 DPI or 650x800 pixels


Submit to InFocus is open only to current print artists and their agents on a monthly call-for-submission basis.

Criteria: Please only send images from your most recent projects, produced for your clients, that fall within the scope of the monthly category. Be sure to include the client's name for each image submitted. Although emails inform contributors about future monthly categories, please only send images that meet the criteria for the current InFocus submission request. Please submit images using the link that is sent within the current monthly call-for-submissions email.

Size: No smaller than 72 DPI at 650x800 pixels

Personal Work Blog Submissions

Submit to Personal Work submissions are accepted from current online and print artists and their agents.

Criteria: The PersonalWork account receives work that is non-client oriented. The images should be based on the artist's personal interests and ideas.

Size: No smaller than 72 DPI or 650x800 pixels

Instagram Blog Submissions

Submit to Instagram images are accepted from current online and print artists.

Instructions: Please DO NOT submit JPEG or PDF images. Submit Instagram images from within the Instagram application. To do this, select the photo you wish to submit on your smart phone. Scroll down, and in the lower right corner, look for the button with three dots. Click and select "Email Photo." Send the image to The photos we upload to our blog will link to your personal Instagram account, which will stimulate more traffic and likes from other users. If someone likes your images, this will prompt he or she to follow you on Instagram. Below each Instagram image, we also provide a link to the photographer's online Workbook portfolio.

Size: All Instagram images submitted from within the application are uniform in size (615x615 pixels). Follow the directions, and size will not be an issue.

Workbook Newsletters

No submissions are accepted for the monthly Workbook Newsletter. The Art Director selects images from our print artists' online portfolios.