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Colby Lysne for St. Francis Women's Services

Posted by Workbook on 09/19/2014 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes

Photographer Colby Lysne recently worked with Muller Bressler Brown on a campaign for St. Francis Women's Services.

For more imagery and behind the scene's info (including how to keep a baby napping!) check out Colby's Blog.

Beauty and the Reef by George Kamper

Posted by Workbook on 09/19/2014 — Filed under:  Anything TechnicalFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes

George Kamper does it again with this beautiful underwater project.

"A year or so ago, I came up with the idea to shoot some underwater imagery. Not of fish and coral, but of people, playing sports, fashion, or dancing...I faced several challenges, most importantly; I had to come up with an idea that hadn’t been overdone. Though I love long flowy fashion, and how it looks when shot underwater, it’s been done. I wanted my shots to be more than that. I wanted the images to have an organic quality and not feel cliché’."

Read the rest of the story and see more of the final product on George's Blog.

Jimmy Williams for Boone Tourism

Posted by Workbook on 09/17/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Jimmy Williams

More often than not these days I’m hired to shoot an ad campaign that just seems to fit my personality and style. My recent Boone Tourism shoot is just one of those assignments. Clean Design in Raleigh, NC approached me with the following campaign concept and I was immediately on board. It’s a little quirky (like me) and at the same time demands a heightened degree of vision, style and finesse. It was critically important that the end photos were visually alluring and at the same time have an element of surprise that completed the concept.

“If you need a photographer who can take a campaign concept you love and execute it so brilliantly it becomes the centerpiece of your portfolio, then Jimmy’s the guy. That’s what he did for our Boone, North Carolina tourism campaign. He truly understands what an image needs to say, and he makes it happen with visual eloquence.”
- Scott Scaggs, VP Partner / Creative Director, Clean Design

Client: Boone, North Carolina Tourism
Agency: Clean Design
VP Partner / Creative Director: Scott Scaggs
Sr. Designer: Alice Brady
Copywriter: Mary Webster

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Jared Leeds: Whitehead Institute Annual Report

Posted by Workbook on 09/16/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Jared Leeds

In June, we spent a few days photographing the annual report for the Whitehead Institute, and I’m psyched about how it looks. A big thanks to Alice Hecht at Hecht Horton for bringing me on to photograph the brilliant scientists at Whitehead and making the images sing with impeccable design. These spreads are my nine favorite of the twenty or so in the book. We also photographed everyone on a white seamless background, but everybody agreed that the black popped.

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Jonathan Chapman: McDonald's Around the World

Posted by Workbook on 09/15/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Jonathan Chapman

The man in black once sang "I've been everywhere" and how true it is with our ongoing travels for McDonald's. In previous posts we've recounted our tales of far off lands, including our neighbor to the North, the exotic Far East, and the Land Down Under, to name a few. After the latest globe-trotting adventure for the golden arches, we certainly added a few pins to the map as we worked our way through Europe and the UK. There is something special about travel and its uncanny ability to freeze time. Night becomes day and day becomes night with the time zone changes and immediate insertion into another culture and way of life.

With our first stop in Hamburg, Germany, we kicked off the tour in full force and set the pace for the rest of our time abroad. The shoot days were occupied with a nice mix of working from a designated shot list, as well as gathering spontaneous, impromptu moments that have become one of our signature trademarks. In lieu of air travel from Hamburg to Munich, we opted for the EIS high-speed rail service to reach our second city destination. The train has long been a favorite way to reach point B, and it allowed us to see the countryside, the way only rail travel can. Munich was incredibly beautiful and busy with all of the Oktoberfest revelers in full traditional Bavarian dress. We even managed to take time out one evening to put back a beer stein or two, experiencing the festivities firsthand. How is that for mixing work and play? It's not everyday your shoot ends with an evening of entertainment with Oktoberfest as the backdrop.

The next leg of the journey landed us in the heart of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. We had one shoot day here near the Plaza de Catalunya, which sits at the top of the famous Las Ramblas. The city of Barcelona is rich with culture, art everywhere, and threads of history as intertwined as the spaghetti of narrow streets themselves. Although our time was limited in this city, we captured a myriad of great imagery and met a lot of wonderful Catalunyans in the process.

The flight from Spain to Manchester went quickly, and once again we found ourselves in another culture, another landscape. The focus point for our first day in the UK was the home of the Beatles: Liverpool. Often the subjects we profile are everyday people stopping in for a beverage or a bite to eat who can spare five minutes of their time to be a part of our shoot. We always meet interesting people from all walks of life, and with the added personalities of our local production assistants, we walk away with great stories and a slew of memories from each destination. The UK adventure began in the northwest and brought us south to our second shoot city in Wales and back up to the greater London area for our final day of the photo shoot. All in all, not a bad way to spend nearly two weeks on tour, creating another visual library of still and motion assets for McDonald's.

Enjoy a few of our favorite still images from the Euro tour and look for the upcoming video reveal down the road.

Laura Barisonzi: Caring Coach

Posted by Workbook on 09/12/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Photographer Laura Barisonzi shot all the stills and motion for the youth football-themed Dove Men + Care campaign that just launched. See more from Laura at her Workbook portfolio and more from her new campaign HERE.

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Robb Long for Holiday Inn Express

Posted by Workbook on 09/12/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Robb Long

I was contacted by a local Holiday Inn Express to come in and shoot a few images to help promote its new Express Start Breakfast. The Hotel wanted to use real people and actually chose the family they wanted to have in their marketing photos, which was so much fun directing them on their first photo shoot. The staff did a wonderful job getting it all set up, and yes the breakfast is very tasty. (I got to try just about everything.) The coffee was fresh-brewed and a great pick me up for the shoot, and I loved the pancakes, as did the little boy in the picture. ;)

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Rod McLean in Archive's 200 Best Ad Photographers

Posted by Workbook on 09/11/2014 — Filed under:  Award WinnersFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By the Gren Group

Archive magazine featured Rod McLean’s work as part of its 200 Best Ad Photographers Series. Rod’s images run in the Sports section on pages 382 and 383. The imagery was originally shot for Factory Design Labs. Thank you, Andrew and Amy!

See more of Rod’s work at his Workbook Portfolio and

Chicago Creative Review: September 25th

Posted by Workbook on 09/10/2014 — Filed under:  EventsFeaturesHeadlinePhonetographyPhotographyPortfolios

Next week marks the inaugural event for the newly created Chicago Creative Review. Set for Thursday, September 25th at Morgan Street Studios, this event is set to be a great start, boasting an ever-growing reviewer list and support from APA Chicago.  We took a second to chat with CCR's creator, Melissa Hennessy, about her reasons for founding CCR and her hopes for it in the future.

Can you give readers a little bit of your background in the art buying world and what inspired an art producer such as yourself to found the Chicago Creative Review?

I'm actually a former photographer and artist agent, so I'm very familiar with the process of booking appointments to show work. It's not easy. It's not that people don't want to see your work; it's just that there aren't enough hours in the day for them to meet the requests, as well as the demands of their daily schedules. This review was born from the idea that twice a year, artists, creatives, art producers, art buyers, [and others in the industry] could come together and see a variety of work in one day.

A unique aspect of your Review is that it includes a variety of people in the creative production community and is not limited to photographers. Can you talk about the breadth of your invite list?

Because this is our first review, we are starting with photographers who shot print and motion for advertising, design, and editorial clients, as well as clients who are looking to build brand libraries and content. We'd love to expand the idea to include other vendors that the creative community partners with, such as illustrations, animators, cinematographers, directors, post-productions specialists, and more.

Can you spill the beans on which creatives are attending the event?

As of this writing, we have creatives and art buyers from both corporations and advertising agencies such as Bader Rutter, Cramer-Krasselt, DDB, Discover, Energy BBDO, Leo Burnett, McGarry Bowen,  Modern Luxury, Pitchfork, the Tribune, Upshot, VSA Partners, Wunderman, and Y&R. Some of our fabulous local artist agents will also be reviewing: Caroline Somlo (Somlo Talent), Patti Schumann (Schumann & Company), Simon Friend (Friend & Johnson), Erica Chadwick (ETC Creative), Sara Claxton (Claxton Represents), Patrice Bockos (Bockos Creative), Emily Inman (Emily Inman), Emily Hoskins (Candace Gelman & Associates), and Andrea Donadio (RAD Represents).

What are your hopes for this inaugural event? What does the future hold for CCR?

Our hope is that artists and creatives can come together in a relaxed atmosphere and have some face-to-face time. We are inundated with pictures every day on social media, in our inboxes, but it's not enough. We need to connect, to collaborate, to share some of our personalities beyond a handshake. I would love for a creative to walk away saying, " I can see myself spending ten hours a day on a shoot with that person."  This business is about relationships, and I see the future of CCR is to be not only about sharing work, but also about creating those relationships.

Lastly, given your experience, how crucial are photo reviews? What other outreach can photographers do, or do more efficiently, when it comes to self-promotion?

Reviews are crucial to both parties. Part of the reason the review happens twice a year is that artists should be updating their works, books, and sites, at least twice a year, if not more often. Industry creatives expect to see work that is evolving and expanding. It shows them your passions, your work ethic, and your ability to challenge yourself. The feedback from the reviews is vital to the artist and necessary in their growth. It also helps the artists see what creatives are responding to.  For the reviewers, it's part of their creative process as well…knowing and becoming familiar with the talent available to them. Sometimes a campaign idea may come to mind within that fifteen-minute review based on something someone saw in an image or series of images. It's also a chance for the reviewers to get out of the office for a bit and immerse themselves during an uninterrupted period of time.

You asked about other forms of self-promotion; I don't see the reviews as the only form of self-promotion. Artists need to be everywhere they can be in both print and online. I have been to many art-buyer panels and discussions and like any industry, you'll find half the people like email promotions as they are environmentally friendly and easy to bookmark, and the other half love a well-designed printed promotion. There are also sites like Boooom!, Feature Shoot, My Modern Met, NYT Lens, APhotoEditor, Magnum, Modern Art Obsession, OneByFourByNine, This Is Colossal, the Workbook blog, and many more where creatives go for visual inspiration. You have to try everything because you never know where someone might see your work.

For more information, including how to register for the event, click here.

Clark Griffiths Wins at 2014 APA Awards

Posted by Workbook on 09/10/2014 — Filed under:  Award WinnersFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Congratulations to Clark Griffiths! Clark won 1st place in the lifestyle category at the 2014 APA Awards for this image.