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Five Ways to Shoot a Turkey

Posted by Workbook on 11/25/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Christopher Testani Turkey

Here at the Workbook site, there are some terrific food photographers who work with some of the top food stylists in the business.  In keeping with the holiday,  here are five beautifully prepared Thanksgiving turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Workbook! Photo credits top to bottom: Christopher Testani, Beth Galton, Brendan Lekan, Christopher Testani and Leigh Beisch.

Beth Galton Turkey

Brendan Lekan turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Leigh Beisch Thanksgiving Turkey

Jared Leeds Shoots for Boston Medical

Posted by Workbook on 11/24/2015 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Jared Leeds  Boston Medical African American Family

Jared recently work with  the good folks at Small Army to produce these ads for the Boston Medical Center. He had a stellar crew, in particular producer Kristie Raymond at Viewfinder Productions who kept production rolling and buttoned up. The crew had to make it to three locations scattered throughout the city all in on in day. No small feat considering caravanning multiple  vehicles through Boston traffic. Toss in an attacking sprinkler systems and someone trying to steal copper out of  extension chords right in front of the crew it is easy to see why the pressure was on.  Zach Vitale came through with excellent retouching under pressure to put the final touches on the images.

Boston Medical Ad

African American Family

Doctor and patient

Jared Leeds Photo Shoot

Kristyna Archer Takes it Viral

Posted by Workbook on 11/23/2015 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsContests - EventsFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Krystina Archer for Leo Burnett Contagious

When lead creatives Brian Shembeda and Jeff Candido of Leo Burnett, Chicago received the briefs for a series of ads from their client, Contagious,  they realized they needed a  photographer who not only could thinks conceptually but who could  bring a clean, "fashion look" to the project. Kristyna Archer wasn't in the least bit thrown by an assignment that was described as visual puns that were a cross between high fashion and medical journal. In fact,  it sounded like a perfect fit.

The concept for the ads was that of a rash( think medical journal) in the the shape of the Contagious logo as the visual metaphor for the viral spread of  media, and a haz-mat dispensary as recepticle for the most innovative ideas of 2015.  The ads were created to promote the Most Contagious 2015 event to be held in London on Dec 9, which honors what Contagious deems the best of the best.   You'll see the ads in the Economist: The World in 2016.  The Economist is also the official media partner for the event.

Ad for Most Contagious 2015

Ad for Most Contagious 2015

Own the Run

Posted by Workbook on 11/19/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesFilm/Video ProductionHeadlineMotionPhotography
Running in the Colorado snow

Mike Tittel for Gortex Running

Mike Tittel worked with Shine United recently to create  a beautiful library of images for GORE-TEX Running. He really put these shoes through their paces, shooting in the snow of the Colorado Mountains and in the rain on the city streets of Denver. Finding late-season snow and creating rain on demand were just some of the challenges involved. Take a look at all the finished ads at Mike's site and the motion piece Mike co-directed for the GORE-TEX Running micro site.

Running in Rain Denver, Colorado

Running in rain Denver Colorado

Street running in rain

Between Two Dogs

Posted by Workbook on 11/19/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Book Cover Between Two Dogs

Shaina Fishman has been photographing domestic animals for nearly a decade. Her debut book Between Two Dogs, available November 17th, explores in photographs the relationships between dogs. The 144 pages of smile-inducing and captivating photographs are a wealth of visually compelling, delightful, irresistibly cute, and humorous images depicting dogs interacting, laughing, playing, yawning, and cuddling together for naps. Fishman expertly personifies her canine subjects to depict the affection, friendship, annoyance, love, and the broad emotional range found between two dogs. The unique interactions and idiosyncrasies of the dogs often mirror the relationships we have with our friends and loved ones.

Fishman photographed 30 pairs of dogs, consisting of an adult and puppy or two puppies of the same age. A wide variety of breeds are represented in the book, including Golden Retrievers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Dalmatians, and many more.

PuppiesShainla Fishman Between Two Dogs

Two Dalmations

Marley Kate in NYC Chinatown

Posted by Workbook on 11/16/2015 — Filed under:  Fashion EditorialFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Marley Kate shoots in Chinatown eating Chinese food

A career in the fast-moving world of fashion requires keeping up with the trends. For a New York-based fashion lifestyle photographer like Marley Kate, that means constantly observing life and fashion on city streets and incorporating those trends into her work. It's how she keeps it all fresh and current. Marley's latest shoot took place in Chinatown, where there is no shortage of bright color and activity as a backdrop.

ordering Chinese food

Fashion shoot in Chinatown

Fashion shoot in Chinatown

girl with fan

Zave Smith for Avo Cigars

Posted by Workbook on 11/12/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography

Zave Smith

“We are going to launch a new cigar that is a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco,” said Michael Olsson, the CD of Colangelo. “We want to create a scene with four guys. They should look like they are swapping stories after a day of exploring Nicaragua."

So, you want four friends, sitting on a patio that looks like it is on a beach resort in Nicaragua and to do this with a budget that covers a small motel room in Rockaway? “No problem,” my producer, George Watson and I said, “No problem at all.”

“Did I mention the shoot date is only 8 days away?” Michael added towards the end of the call.

After two days of scouting every beach from New Jersey to Connecticut, we found the perfect small neighborhood beach on a rough spot on the Connecticut coast. Props were bought and models were cast, and luckily the weather was perfect on the day of the shoot.

A week later Michael called to say, “There were so many good images that I had to redesign the ad."

What can be sweeter than a happy client and a good cigar?

Workbook at Visual Connections

Posted by Workbook on 11/12/2015 — Filed under:  AnimationContests - EventsEditorial IllustrationEventsFeaturesIllustrationMarketing IntelligenceMotionPhotography
The main goal for Workbook while at Visual Connections was not just to connect with creative buyers as a great source for assignment imagery, but for motion as well. While at the latest Visual Connections event, Workbook staff spent a lot of time throughout the day with creative buyers, assisting them with sourcing talent for current and upcoming assignments. Another big draw was the the continuous loop of imagery displayed on a 60" monitor. It included some of the best, most-current Workbook still images, as well as motion files, and reinforced the level-of-quality production buyers can expect when hiring a Workbook photographer or illustrator. Take a look!

Visual Connections Collaborates With Workbook

Posted by Workbook on 11/09/2015 — Filed under:  EventsFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationPhotography
Visual Connections

Visual Connections has always been a great networking event, but this year, in conjunction with Workbook, it reset its course in response to the demand for all types of visual media and for a growing number of digital platforms. The roster of image providers grew to include assignment illustration and photography and included Anderson Hopkins, Illustration LTD Richard SolomonRalph Mennemeyer, Renee Rhyner, WSWcreative and Rob Bacall.  There were information sessions that focused on the growing trends in motion: footage vs. photos, negotiating fees, Youtube- and user-generated content, licensing, and copyright clearances, as well as general discussions on how best to preserve the value of creative content now and in the future.

The reviews on both sides were overwhelmingly positive. The Photo and Illustration Assignment Representatives all confirmed that they will participate in future Visual Connection events and tell us that they were able to make connections with potential new clients. Image buyers said they were grateful to be able to make contact with all sorts of visual image creators, whom they would be contacting in the future, and at the same time reconnected with their existing colleagues.

Workbook will be the primary sponsor of Visual Connections Chicago, and based on the success of the New York event, we're looking forward to working with Deborah Free, Edward Leigh,  Michael Masterson, and the rest of the VC staff  to bring another great Visual Connections show to Chicago next spring.

Three Workbook Instagrammers to Follow

Posted by Workbook on 11/09/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineInstagramPersonal WorkPhotography
Three up Instagram images

Art directors and producers count on photographers every day to produce images that satisfy their specific visions and that of their clients.  Instagram provides the opportunity for the photographer to contrast the controlled environment of the photo shoot with something more personal and immediate, by allowing them to record and share the things that visually interest them in the moment. Since it's not always easy to meet face-to-face, Instagram is a valuable way for creatives, clients, and photographers to stay connected. Here are three very different Workbook photographers worth following on Instagram. Photo credits above, left to right: Joseph Keller, Cheyenne Ellis, and Sue Tallon.

Sue Tallon is primarily a food and still-life photographer who readily admits she is a "snapshot junkie." Her Instagram feed is an eclectic mix of urban and rural landscapes and still-life images in both black and white and color, all with a strong design sensibility.

Three instagram photos from Sue Tallon

Joe Keller of Keller + Keller is a food and lifestyle photographer. His Instagram feed focuses on people sharing and preparing food and all the other moments in between.

Three instagram photos from Joe Keller

Cheyenne Ellis is a fashion lifestyle photographer whose Instagram feed is all about living and enjoying life outdoors. With Topanga Canyon and the California Coast as her backdrop, it's easy to see why.

Three instagram photos from Cheyenne Ellis