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Visual Artists, Protect Your Copyright!

Posted by Workbook on 07/02/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationMarketing IntelligencePhotography

Illustration Partnership of America logo.jpg

The Illustrator's Partnership has been monitoring the Congressional hearings on the United States Copyright Office's attempt to re-write the U.S. Copyright Act. For visual artists, one of the most important aspects of the debate is the issue of Orphan Works.  In a recent notice, The Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office is seeking commentary on "how certain visual works, particularly photographs, graphic artworks, and illustrations, are monetized, enforced, and registered under the Copyright Act."

The Illustrator's Partnership has been an active force in protecting artists rights and states the following facts on their website:

-The "Next Great Copyright Act" would replace all existing copyright law.

-It would void our Constitutional right to the exclusive control of our work.

-It would "privilege" the public's right to use our work.

-It would "pressure" you to register your work with commercial registries.

-It would "orphan" unregistered work.

-It would make orphaned work available for commercial infringement by "good faith" infringers.

-It would allow others to alter your work and copyright these 'derivative works" in their own names.

-It would affect all visual art: drawings, paintings, sketches, photos, etc; past, present and future; published and unpublished; domestic and foreign.

Illustrator's Partnership also offers  a complete overview of this important issue , how to write effective commentary,  and provides access to the organization's previous filings. Make your voice heard by sending your digital comments (only) to by no later than July,23 2015

Inspired by Fairytales

Posted by Workbook on 06/30/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography

Peter Samuels has photographed a lot of animals. Log on to his website (read his bio, too), and you'll see wonderful themed galleries of cats and dogs and horses, but the most intriguing gallery is "fairytale inspired." It's  a diverse gallery;  some of the animals would be classified as "wild," some domesticated.  But the decision whether  to include an image or not became more about how "real" or "stuffed" the animal appeared, and in many cases, it's hard to tell.  This quality gives each one a slightly surreal look, while at the same time the animal appears so disarming, and conveys  personality that could be the lead character in a fairytale.

Owl studio portrait  Fairytale Inspired

Rabbit portrait  Fairytale Inspired

Ewe studio portrait  Fairytale Inspired

Screech The Owl portrait  Fairytale  Inspired

Donkey portrait  Fairytale Inspired

Raven Portrait  Inspired by Fairytales

How to Put Together an Award Winner

Posted by Workbook on 06/30/2015 — Filed under:  Award WinnersCGIFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes

Tim Hawley recently created these images for Connelly Partners/Boston and their client, Samsonite Luggage. The art director, Jonah Hulbert, had  a very specific set of  images in mind for the project, which required Tim to shoot and pull together artwork to create pieces that are fantastic yet "visually believable."  Building three master artworks with multiple derivative sizes for various OOH uses and different print placements was a very collaborative process that  took about a month from start to finish.  There are approximately fifteen elements per image. Every item in the image is on its own layer so it can be edited separately from the rest of the image.  There are up to five sky images in each composition and even the clouds are separate from the “blue” so that everything can be moved and adjusted to match the art director's wishes. The shadows are absolutely key in creating "believability." The art director recognized, for example, that the cast shadows on the ground should have more texture and look "crunchier" than the surrounding salt flats, and the shadow where the hands touch the luggage is a subtle detail, but essential in creating believability. The judges at Communication Arts were also impressed and included these three images in this year's CA Photo Annual.

Having given the client so many options in the form of unflattened files that can be manipulated for so many different uses, Tim told us that he consulted with many people who had had similar experience and knowledge dealing with a project of this scope in order to come up with pricing that was fair for his client and himself. Check back in the coming weeks where we follow up on this important aspect of the project.

Samsonite Luggage at the  CIrcus Samsonite at the Circus Tim Hawley working with Cirque de Soleil for Samsonite Luggage

Priscilla Gragg: Daily

Posted by Workbook on 06/26/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
"Daily" is a simple story line about the morning routine of a girl and her struggle with a morning accident.

Photo: Priscilla Gragg
Hair and Make Up and concept: Tricia Turner
Model: Emilie with Look Agency

What it Really Means to be a CEO

Posted by Workbook on 06/23/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMarketing IntelligenceMusing OnPhotography

We recently saw this post by Mark Winer, the CEO of The Gren Group, in which the "O" in CEO stands for "optimist."  Folks at the Gren Group have learned over the years that a healthy dose of optimism and a "we'll get it next time" attitude is essential to making it in this tough competitive business. Mark shares his thought on how and why he continues to be the positive and optimistic CEO he clearly is. If you find you've lost a job for the fifth or sixth time in a row or if you just need some encouragement and positive reinforcement, this post is definitely worth your time.


Dreamscapes That Resonate

Posted by Workbook on 06/23/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography

What began as a personal project, Dreamscapes has gained much  attention as of late. A selection from the series is one of a handful, chosen internationally by Adobe for its beautiful 25th Anniversary Commercial, as being most representative of what an artists can achieve using Photoshop. Look for his image at 0.44.

NPR also did an excellent piece, on Adobe and its commercial called "Democratizing Photo Editing for 25 Years," which prominently features the same image from the Dreamscapes Series. Recognition for the series continued, with its selection as a winner in the in the Self-Promotion Category of the 2015 PDN Photo Annual.

According to Jimmy, the initial concept was an attempt to capture the  beauty and power of a child’s imagination that would resonate with an adult audience in a way that felt both authentic and fantastic.  What also resonates here is that when photographers carve out the time and resources to shoot and create for themselves, great things can happen!



Clay Hayner for GiCapri Italy

Posted by Workbook on 06/19/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Photographer Clay Hayner shot the Fall 2015 catalog for Italian GiCapri jackets, all handmade in Italy.

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Christian Peacock: Becoming Independent

Posted by Workbook on 06/19/2015 — Filed under:  GalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Becoming Independent is a Northern California community base service that helps people with developmental disabilities. They asked Christian Peacock to create a portrait series of their clients in their art program. Christian wanted to incorporate  samples of their work and signatures into the final piece as a way to give a richer representation of the artists.

During the final editing, Christian noticed many reoccurrences of the artists’ personalities echoing in their work, signatures, and gestures. This rewarding project will be used to help advocate the message of the capacities of the artists in residence at Becoming Independent.

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Cade Martin's New Website is Here!

Posted by Workbook on 06/18/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Cade Martin has a brand new website that showcases his images in striking and original ways. Take a look at several screenshots from the site and take a full look here:

Robert Tardio: Art for its Own Sake

Posted by Workbook on 06/18/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography
In a personal project, Robert Tardio explores the interplay between whiskey and wood. As the consummate artist, this photographer seeks to discover the crisp cleanness of glass, seeing through to the naturalness and pattern of wood. As it’s magnified, the grain gradually transforms into new patterns in a dance of line and form.

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