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David Martinez's Style is Perfect for a Library Shoot. See for Yourself.

Posted by Workbook on 04/18/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography

By Heather Elder

Library shoots have become the rule and no longer the exception. It is rare when we get a call for a project where a client just wants one image. They have come to appreciate (and expect) the added value that comes with shooting scenarios rather than one single image.

David Martinez, a lifestyle photographer in our group, embraced the library shoot concept from day one. In fact, the idea of shooting scenarios is so in tune with how he approaches all of his shoots that he immediately felt at home when the clients starting asking for more and more images.

Here is what David has to say about the library shoots he has been commissioned for recently.

“I love when the photo market lines up with the way I shoot naturally and instinctually! I’ve always loved to shoot a lot of images, quickly, trying different angles + perspectives and attempting to figure out multiple visual questions in a short period of time. This style of shooting where speed and efficiency matter so much – have often resulted in some of the favorite images I’ve ever made. There’s something about letting your visual instincts reign that produces imagery that feels really authentic and lived in. “

Take a look at a few of the image libraries I’ve done recently. And to see more of David Martinez’s photography and video work, please link here.

What Did a Day in a Museum and Taxidermy Get Kevin Twomey Thinking About?

Posted by Workbook on 04/18/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By Heather Elder

Recently, Kevin Twomey worked on a project for the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. Once the project was complete, he sent along this blog post about his experience. Once again, Kevin shares with us what inspires him and gets him thinking. In this case, taxidermy.

“I wonder if in 100 years the fabrication of the Museum Diorama will become a lost art, replaced by our desire to have some slick, Hollywood­ produced, fantastical, 3­D VR world of hyper­reality? I surely hope not. I love how the talents of a team of people from different disciplines are brought together to create these scenes. Yes, some feel a little contrived, but sit in a hall surrounded by these displays for a while and you will either start to get the willies or start to see the beauty in them.

I recently did a shoot at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and after we wrapped, I spent a little quiet time in the African Hall after museum hours. I thought about Hirosi Sugimoto’s Diorama series and how his beautiful black and white images transformed the scene into something more believable than the diorama themselves. What a simple idea but brilliant!

I remember when I was a child standing in front of the Dioramas for the first time at the Museum of Natural History in NYC feeling a bit mystified about what I was looking at. Were the animals alive and just standing really, really still? And if so, where did they go after the museum closed?

In our journey from photography to videos to VR, you might think we’ve progressed way beyond dioramas. But though the venues have changed, I believe the process has remained quite similar: a team of artisans apply their collective expertise in an attempt to create a believable scene from its less believable components.

We will always embrace new technologies to enable that child­like suspension of reality needed to take us on fantastical journeys. But sometimes, the work of a good taxidermist against a beautifully hand­painted backdrop is all my inner­ child needs.”

Zave Smith: 3 AM...

Posted by Workbook on 04/17/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Photographer Zave Smith's latest personal project: 3AM at the Cigar Bar

See more from Zave Smith at his Workbook Portfolio and Personal Website.

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Paolo Marchesi in the Wild

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsAnything TechnicalFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes

Most often the word 'perilous' is not considered synonymous with the word 'photography' given the "point, click, shoot," definition we average camera users experience.

As one might imagine the professional experience is much different, and Photographers sometimes have to plan not just how to make the client happy but also the best approach to avoid injury.

Paolo Marchesi recently shot a campaign for Wyoming Tourism and lived to tell the tale.  His blog on the experience is an insightful and entertaining read into how to truly capture the wild without being one if its victims.

Here is an excerpt form the piece:

"When the guys at Barnhart called me, to shoot wild bisons with geysers in the background in Yellowstone National Park, I figured it was going to be just another shoot.  I was wrong.  Bisons are the most dangerous animals in the park.  From 1980 to 1999 more than three times as many people in Yellowstone National Park were injured by bison than by bears...

"I googled Bisons accidents, and the incidents caused mostly broken bones and puncture wounds with just one casualty in 1983.  The broken bones I can deal with, is the casualty that I really try to avoid.  According to statistics the shoot seemed doable.  I waited for the right light, left my getaway driver on the road and ventured a mile into the heart of a big meadow dotted by a herd of buffalos.  I followed draws and hid behind sage brush bushes and slowly worked my way to the herd.  For the next 3 hours I followed them and was right in the middle of them breathing quietly.  Had bisons within a few feet, I laid flat on the ground or hid behind bushes knowing that there was no escape if one bison didn’t like me."

Read the entire captivating blog here.

Robb Long's Dairy Farm Shoot

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Robb Long

This was a self-assignment that I shot for my stock library and to showcase my abilities as a top-notch agriculture photographer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been around farming quite a bit since moving to the Midwest eight years ago from Washington, DC, and it's one of my favorite things to shoot, especially when it involves real people. I love giving the folks that have never really been in front of a camera direction and then letting the scene unfold organically. You need to be a people person to capture real people, and I feel I've developed a knack for doing just that.

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Andrew Reilly Chronicles the creation of a City Block-Sized Mural

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
This production, which was shot by photographer Andrew Reilly in San Francisco, centered around two well-known street artists, Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags, and their friends as they painted a mural in the city. The mural, which was 4 stories high and a half city block long, took about a week for the artists to complete. As the artists worked, the friends went on supply and food runs, which allowed everyone to explore San Francisco. At the completion of the mural, JanSport/Teak produced an unveiling party with over 200 people.

Client: JanSport
Agency: Teak Digital

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Jennifer Davick: Coffee Buzz

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesPhotography
The latest series from photographer Jennifer Davick. See more from Jennifer HERE.

Richard Schultz: So You Can

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Richard Schultz has recently completed campaigns for Chase and Dupont Pioneer. Take a look at the images from both below.
Agency: McGarryBowen NY
Executive Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam
Creative Director: Chris Pacetta
Sr. Art Director.  Beau Mitchell
Art Producer: Kim Stoerker

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Jason Lindsey: Shades of Gray

Posted by Workbook on 04/10/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography
Jason Lindsey explores the beauty of aging gracefully with a new portrait project in shades of white, black, and gray. See the entire project at or his Workbook Portfolio.

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Carl Tremblay Photographs Joanne Patton for USAA Magazine

Posted by Workbook on 04/09/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By Carl Tremblay

What a treat it was to meet and photograph Mrs. Joanne Patton for USAA. She is the widow of Major General George S. Patton, son of the legendary World War II commander. Her warmth, sparkle, humor, and dance moves were very welcome on a frigid winter day.