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Posted by Workbook on 09/30/2015 — Filed under:  EventsFace TimeFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationPhotography

Workbook face time Fall 2015

This Saturday, October 3, 2015 Workbook will host face time, our semi-annual portfolio review.  Creatives from some of the best agencies in the Los Angeles area will gather to review portfolios of high caliber photographers and illustrators.  If this event is as good as the last, it should be a great networking event for all participants.   Here is some of what that participants at the first face time event that took place in February 2015 had to say:

“Workbook’s face time was great! First and foremost it was very well organized, not too crowded, with a high level of talent - photographers and creatives alike. It was great catching up with some of the photographers I admire as well as making connections with come creatives I’ve been trying to get in front of for a long time. I did not know what to expect, but left feeling like it was well worth the trip and a great use of time. Sign me up for next time!”

  • Tim Tadder, Photographer

"I thought face time was a great experience. I get to meet photographers and see their work in a setting that allows me to really get to know them and their thought process. It's way more enlightening than just clicking through a website. It reminds me that it's part of my job to meet people and see what's out there."

  • Daniel Gray, Creative Director, Dailey

“Glad to be part of the Workbook’s face time Portfolio Reviews today - probably one of the best portfolio reviews I've been to. In good company with a a lot of great photographers showing work to creatives from LA's top ad agencies. Loved it!”

  • David Zaitz, Photographer

“I was humbled at the level of talent of all of the participants. The whole day ran super smoothly, and I truly enjoyed meeting all of the super talented photographers!”

  • Peter Stark, Partner, Creative Director, Print, BOND

"I'm so glad I went to face time. As an art director, it seems we rarely get opportunities to look at a photographer's book and learn about the artist behind the lens. Wonderful day of seeing great work, meeting great people, and making great connections! Thank you Workbook!"

  • Joe Bui, Creative Director, Covert Agency

“It was a great opportunity to meet the people behind the camera. We have “portfolio” shows at the agency I work at about 2-3 times a week and rarely get a chance to meet the people (and honestly just grab free snacks). But meeting the photographers and getting their thoughts, seeing their personalities, and hearing them talk about their work made the whole thing more “real.”

  • Stephen Lee, Art Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

“It’s great to actually look at physical books and have a conversation about the work, meeting face to face so you really get a sense of the opportunities for collaboration.”

  • Dana Markee, Freelance Creative Director/Art Director

“Wow, face time…what a great event! The location and scheduling were spot-on! I was able to get in front of buyers who’s names I’ve known for years but had not met until now! I will not be surprised at all if a project comes in as a result of this time well spent! Thanks, Workbook!”

  • Dana Hursey, Photographer

“Workbook’s face time is a great experience. It’s a comfortable and constructive opportunity to meet and discuss art with creatives in different aspects of advertisingand marketing.”

  • Sean McNamee, Associate Creative Director, Cold Open

“I felt that face time was the perfect way to meet with creatives. There was enough time to have a meaningful conversation, and to get to know them a little bit better. Heidi and Workbook did a terrific job in organizing this tremendously helpful - and smoothly run! - event.”

  • Hunter Freeman, Photographer

"To me, face time is a great way to meet photographers you've always wanted to work with and meet photographers that you can't wait to work with!"

  • Stephanie Arculli, Freelance Creative Director

“What a great event! So well organized, and a great way for me to connect with photographers I've known about for years but for various reasons never met, as well as meet with others I did not know at all. On the flip side, I think it's a great venue for photographers to get face time with agency creatives.”

  • Melanie Tongas, Freelance Art Producer

Michael Grecco Goes to The Emmys

Posted by Workbook on 09/29/2015 — Filed under:  CinemagraphsFeaturesHeadlinePhotography

Guest Actress, Drama winner #MargoMartindale The Americans (FX TV series) Emmys / Television Academy FOX #cinemagraphs; Michael Grecco Flixel

Posted by Michael Grecco Photography on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Posted by Michael Grecco Photography on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michael Grecco spent some time photographing attendees at the recent Emmy Awards. To see more of the beautiful cinemagraphs he created with these portraits go to his Facebook Page.

Team Vegar's New Breed of Business

Posted by Workbook on 09/28/2015 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesFilm/Video ProductionHeadlineMarketing IntelligencePhotographybehind the scenes
Go RVing California Road Trip Photo:Chris Nowling

It's a given  that we work in an industry that is constantly evolving and subject to the latest trends in technology.  In response,  Team Vegar is now able to  deliver, from a single production, beautiful visual content that allows clients  to build a consistent and authentic brand experience for every platform,  be it social media, print, or television. Witnessing the disparate ways in which his clients engaged his services and that of other photographers, be it for a still shoot, a film shoot; or both simultaneously, an image library, print campaign, client website or TV production, he knew there had to be a way to create memorable content for all kinds of platforms more efficiently.  Predetermining what to share and how to share it is key to solving the issue.  Creating a more streamlined, combo production in order to meet the growing need for massive amounts of content at a acceptable cost obviously appeals to clients as well.

As the name implies, the "Team" Vegar Abelsnes has assembled  is  also critical on a project like this.  It is a close knit group with years of experience, varying skill-sets and talents all working collaboratively. Vegar says, "Life is short; work with people you like," and he does.

His latest project for The Richard's Group for Go RVing is a great example of how everything comes together on a multifaceted project like this. The plan was to assemble a team that could capture an authentic four day, 900 mile trip through Southern California  in as many mediums as possible, as well as share it in real time.  The results are impressive: 5,700 still images 12 2-3 minute videos,  material for two :30 broadcast pieces,  130 images posted to 90K followers,  yielding 46K likes while appearing  to have a lot of fun doing it.

When asked what's next Vegar said he would, "love to try collaborating with a great creative team (art direction, concept development, writers, DP’s, musicians, post production, stylists, etc) to put together his own ideas and pitches for potential clients,"  and believes that if he can bring more of the process in-house,  the stronger the ideas will become.  He also envisions having more time in the pre-production period to really fine tune ideas and visual strategies directly with the client and or agencies.

Look for a follow up post soon where we share the agency's take on the project.  Needless to say they were very pleased.

Go RVing California Road TripGo RVing California Road TripGo RVing California Road Trip V. Abelsnes

Kristyna Archer Hits the Lottery

Posted by Workbook on 09/21/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Kristyna Archer for Illinois Lottery

There’s not much more rewarding for a photographer when you have your eyes on a brand that you are quite fond of, and maybe there’s a little flirting going on because you know you’re the perfect match for said brand. Then the stars align, and you get to collaborate. Downtown Partners has a very witty and intriguing perspective, making it a lot of fun to work together, and their client, Illinois Lottery, has never been afraid to make narrative, eye-catching advertisements. What I love is that they want to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously either.  Their Cash For Life lottery concept is about how you can receive up to $5,000 every week for as long as you live. Rather than getting one lump sum, you get a bonus EVERY WEEK! Brilliant, when 90 percent of Americans are irresponsible with their money. (I made up that percentage, but that statement is relative any way you look at it, so can’t be factual anyway. :))

When I got the initial call, I was really excited about the concept and went to work immediately with sorting my preferred and most cost-savvy approach to shooting an interior of a backseat of a car, with the capability of deploying an airbag, with a SUPER safe character of a man wearing lots of seat belts. There are always ten ways to solve the same problem, right?  Take a scroll through the above image of behind-the-scenes. I wanted complete control over the lighting and the ability to work in a very additive “RGB” way, not being forced into a more limiting subtractive “CYMK” way…nerds, you like that reference? Anyway, it made a lot more sense to edge and fake in pieces autonomously than a laundry list of different types of problems and unknowns that would occur from sourcing a real car, even with shooting separate plates or attempting to shoot together in a real car. Additionally, being able to exaggerate more space and comfort was to our advantage when propping in the airbag (not used in final ad).

So, long story short, if you’re a smart photographer, you know having an amazing producer, AND equally important, having talented crew is crucial. Many, many thanks to my solids, Amanda Gray Productions, Melanie Francis, and Craig Bender for their brilliance and hard work, to Brian Eaves, John Ruzich, and Daniel Peter to their mind-reading skillz, and my retoucher Tim Blokel at Stick Digital. Check out the final ad on a cab near you!

Film, Photo, Design, and Craftsmanship

Posted by Workbook on 09/08/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineInstagramMotionPhotographygraphic design
SideshowSign Sign Co.

We first noticed some images from Jonathan Chapman's shoot for the Sideshow Sign Company on his website, so when we saw on his Instagram feed that he had just wrapped up a motion version of it, we wanted to know more. Through the use of film and still photography, it is a thoughtful exploration of the growth of a small Nashville business that delivers beautiful design and great craftsmanship.

Jonathan is always on the lookout for an interesting story on which to build a personal project. His studio manager did some research on Nashville because Jonathan would be traveling through that area on his way to see family and came across the Sideshow Sign Company. After some negotiation and a day just hanging out in the workshop, Jonathan felt he had a handle on what his approach would be. As with most of  his projects he has a support team of talented people who he says are "all working together, all adding a thumbprint, working out a story, embracing ideas collectively. I can't imagine doing what I do without the support of everyone who plays a part. I am always asking those around me, 'how might we elevate this story or shine light on a unique aspect?' My studio manager of seven years, John Fontana, would agree that it's a true collection of everyone's efforts, regardless of title or position."

The Sideshow project is one of over twenty short films on Jonathan's site that are typically in the range of :30- 3:00. The film portion usually involves two to three takes, while the stills involves one to two. As with 60 percent of his assignments, he created both the film and still version simultaneously, which he says allows him to "stay in the moment as the story evolves."  Once the Sideshow shoot was completed, editing took place in a few hours here and there over a three-week period.

It is clear Jonathan and his staff thrive on a mix of small and large projects, both personal and for a variety of clients, and that it all seems to flow along together, just like a good film.

Sideshow Sign Company at work

Sideshow Sign Company at work

Sideshow Sign Company at work

Sideshow Sign Company at work

September Instagrams

Posted by Workbook on 09/08/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineInstagramPhotography
skeleton in a closetHollis BennettLandscape with balloon SmurfChristopher Wilson
Mad KittyRandal FordRollerskatersLaura Barisonzi
Boy at Science FairEthan PinesYard with PoolSam Yocum
Figure made from tiresStewart CohenGirls with sunflowersSue Barr
Girls Girls GirlsKristyna ArcherPaint boxAlexandra Valenti
Record Collection with Johnny CashManhattmanSecret Agent manStewart Cohen

Robert Tardio for Coach: Celebrate Dad

Posted by Workbook on 08/27/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By Alexandra Hutchinson

It's especially exciting when Coach calls for Robert Tardio. Beautiful merchandise arrives early in the morning. The very talented team of creatives arrive soon after. Robert works closely with their hand-picked stylist, crafting ads like these that "Celebrate Dad." We're proud.

Photographer+Chef Collaborate on New Lifestyle/Food Blog

Posted by Workbook on 08/26/2015 — Filed under:  BlogsFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes
Luckybankseats food/lifestyle blog

Throughout her travels as a lifestyle  photographer, Diana Zalucky has learned food can be the best introduction to a culture. Gathering a group of friends and family around a good meal is a pretty fail-safe strategy on which to build a great photo shoot filled with real, authentic moments that are the basis for great editorial and advertising photography. So, it is no surprise that her latest effort is a collaboration with friend and all-around culinary expert, Ali Banks, and called As the site says it's all about "People, Places and Edible Things." This latest collaboration is grounded in a friendship that developed about two years ago and has been continuously active ever since. The two are in constant communication about what to do next. They are tremendously supportive of each others' work, so as Diana says, "collaborating feels effortless and fun." It's the perfect motivation for each of them to test and explore new ideas and a great platform to get the work seen. Another big payoff for Diana is she gets great new imagery for her portfolio, which is always a struggle for an active, working photographer.

As fun and rewarding as all this all sounds, the reality is that it's a lot of work for two people whose schedules are already pretty packed with paying assignments. It took them roughly a year to find the time to begin work on the logo and blog design with Jason Farmand,  ( with whom  Diana had previously worked on a cookbook project and knew would be the perfect fit. But, it's also evidence that when you find the right mix of content and collaborators you can get into a work flow that's manageable and produces some impressive results.

The blog was created on Wordpress and is currently promoted on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Pinterest.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Salmon

Salmon dish

Alaska Landscape


Photographer Diana Zalucky and Chef Ali Banks

Brian Bailey Documents The Iconic Drive-in

Posted by Workbook on 08/25/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography
remaining 8 driveins Colorado 2015

The popularity of the drive-in theater peaked in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with over 4,000 drive-ins nationwide, but within the last two years that number has dwindled rapidly to only 337. As of 2013, movies were no longer distributed on 35 mm film, and theater owners were faced with  the expensive proposition of having to upgrade to digital projection equipment or close their doors. In 2012, photographer Brian Bailey learned that the Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre in Sterling, Colorado was going to close permanently, and it became the inspiration for a new personal project entitled Drive-In. Brian went on to photograph the last remaining seven drive-ins left in Colorado, some already abandoned and some still in operation. But their eerie glow projects a sense of loneliness as they melt back into the landscape. From Here Brian hopes to be able to photograph the remaining 329 across the United States before they are gone too.

Last 8 remaining Colorado driveins

Last remaining Driveins in Colorado 2015

Remaining 8 Driveins in Colorado 2015

Remaining 8 driveins in Colorado

Remaning 8 Colorado Driveins 2015

Last remaining Colorado Driveins 2015

Last 8 remaining Colorado Driveins 2015

Shaina Fishman's Latest For Beneful

Posted by Workbook on 08/24/2015 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Beneful ad with terrier 2015

Shaina Fishman has photographed wild lions in Kenya, street dogs in Peru, and stray cats in Jerusalem and would still like to photograph penguins in Antarctica. But most recently, she just wrapped up a shoot for Beneful Dog Food.