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DNC Donkeys and Philly Cheesesteaks

Posted by Workbook on 07/25/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationInstagramPro Bonolettering
DNC Donkey New Jersey
If you're in Philadelphia for the DNC, or just curious about the art scene there in Philly, you might want to start following hometown artist, Hawk Krall on Instagram and check out his website. Hawk is doing his part with his contribution to a community arts project called DNC Donkeys. Local artists were asked by Artjawn to decorate a total of 57 fiberglass donkeys placed around the city that represent every US state, territory, and Washington D.C. (Hawk's version above.)

Hawk's poster for Next Stop Democracy promoting voter engagement is featured in an AIGAPhiladelphia exhibition at the City Hall Art Gallery, Room 116. Hawk also tells us that there is possibly some sort of "dumpster diver" art event happening there on Wednesday!

And if you are interested in the local food scene, Hawk knows all about it and then some. He does a monthly column for Saveur Magazine featuring his favorite sandwiches, one of which is of course the Philly Cheesesteak.

Vote Aqui sign Voter engagement


Hawk Krall Philly Cheese Steak

Daniel Pelavin for Los Angeles Magazine

Posted by Workbook on 06/27/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationbehind the scenesgraphic designlettering
Crop Circle Orange Crate Label

The classic orange crate label has always had a big influence on Daniel Pelavin's work. With an ideal balance of graphic illustration and decorative typography, it is perfect formula for visual storytelling. A recent assignment  for Los Angeles Magazine let Daniel put the classic formula to use for an article about farming and produce. In a Drawger post about the assignment he also tells us how he created the orange texture with Adobe's Illustrator's distort/glass filter and the shading on the leaves, with Andromeda Screens plug-in in Photoshop. We also get a look at the initial sketches and how he and the art director went through the refining process.

Orange crate label design

Visual Connections Tomorrow in NYC

Posted by Workbook on 10/27/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationMarketing IntelligenceMotionPhotographylettering
Don't miss one of the best visual media networking events of the year.  If you are a buyer of image/footage, an art buyer or researcher looking for innovative, niche, or new sources of still and moving imagery,  Visual Connections has the best the industry has to offer. Hope to see you there!

Visul Connections NYC October 28, 2015at this one day event.  Hope to see you there!

Steven Noble for American Express

Posted by Workbook on 09/21/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationgraphic designlettering
Steven Noble American Express CC rebranding

CPB Group commissioned Steven Noble to help rebrand the American Express logo by creating an updated version of the American Express Centurion. Specific features were completely recomposed, including the eyes, nose, helmet, and scroll, to reflect a more polished, engraved,  classic look. The artwork was illustrated entirely by hand on scratch board from preliminary pencil sketch compositions and transferred digitally with color added on a separate layer.

 Logo refresh for America Espress Credit CardRefresh for American Express Credit Card.AmEx Credit Card illustration refresh

Beauty of the Process: Brush Calligraphy Logo Design by Iskra Johnson

Posted by Workbook on 05/27/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinelettering

A day in the calligraphy studio. Spontaneous gesture meets typographic finesse and becomes design. Multiple brushes, two papers, Pelikan Fount India, Jet Black gouache. Soundtrack: "Ancient Rain" Jumoku, by Koss

To see more work from Iskra, check out her portfolio and website.

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Logo Design Competition: Center for Architecture & Urban Design L.A.

Posted by Workbook on 01/20/2014 — Filed under:  Contests - EventsFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationlettering

Logo Design Competition NOW OPEN
CALA: Center for Architecture and Urban Design Los Angeles

Registration Due: JANUARY 24, 2014
Design(s) Due: MARCH 07, 2014

Scheduled to open within the next three years, the Center for Architecture and Urban Design in Los Angeles (CALA) is looking for visual thinkers and communicators, artists and designers, to develop a logo as part of their branding effort.

The winning logo will best situate the Center as a modern, vibrant and recognizable hub of education and exchange related to the built environment in Los Angeles.

Karen Greenberg in 'The Wall Street Journal!'

Posted by Workbook on 12/09/2013 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationlettering

Huge congrats to Karen Greenberg, whose art is featured in this year's WSJ Holiday Guide for Books!

Here is what Karen had to say about the project:

"I was recently commissioned by the Wall Street Journal to illustrate their Holiday Guide for Books.  The project consisted of a full page/cover illustration, interior "What to Give" banners and eleven smaller illustrations (one per author). Each of the author illustrations (i.e. Art, Food, Science, etc.) required an iconographic element and hand lettering so I created a hand lettered font and a library of icons to choose from.  The super tight deadline served as a plus. I often find that working under that sort of pressure results in a very spontaneous experience.  I am thankful that my portfolios on Workbook led me to this wonderful commission!"

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Aden + Anais Baby Swaddles

Posted by Workbook on 09/17/2013 — Filed under:  FeaturesIllustrationlettering
By Angela Navarra

Hey all,

I’m so happy to share the final baby swaddles I designed and illustrated for Aden + Anais. Thanks so much to the talented Jennifer Mederos for keeping me in the loop and sharing the final product with me. I had a blast working on these and the fact they are printed on organic cotton makes this project all more satisfying. They are on sale at so mozy on over and take a gander. You might be inspired to purchase a set for a special bundle of joy in your life. To view my portfolio slide show featuring the “Enchanted Forest Collection” click here. Thanks so much for stopping by and keep a lookout on my blog for the final baby swaddles I designed for the “Artist’s Brush Collection”!

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Caroline Tomlinson for VO5

Posted by Workbook on 09/06/2013 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationlettering
Caroline Tomlinson has been busy creating hand-painted doodles for Unilever's latest campaign for VO5 hair products.

Romeo+Co: Branding, Strategy, Design

Posted by Workbook on 07/18/2013 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustrationlettering
You may know Romeo+Co for a particular piece of their work or an area of expertise, but just as the business world has changed, so have they.

"We build brands. We help you shape, mold, and create your vision into tangible elements. Our passion is creating powerful brands that are sustainable and socially viable." - Romeo & Company

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