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Ten Days to Launch a New Product and Tim Tadder Delivers

Posted by Workbook on 08/20/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
By Heather Elder

When in-house creative director David Oldfield at Lifeproof called Tim Tadder, he had a problem. He had just ten days to launch a new product and a desire to create groundbreaking images. The brainstorming commenced and the results, are new and refreshing portraits that tell the story of the Galaxy S5’s go anywhere philosophy and the people that use them. Ten days, concept, production, shoot, post, launch, problem solved.

To see more of Tim Tadder’s work, take a look at his website and portfolio.

Lifeproof Brand Campaign BTS from Tim Tadder on Vimeo.

Experiencing Summer with Rapp Art

Posted by Workbook on 08/19/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Gerald and Cullen Rapp

Summer is hot and so is our new collection of warm weather-inspired illustrations! We thought it would be great to show off artwork inspired by our favorite summer activities: relaxation, reading, fireworks, and the beach. Oh, did we mention relaxation? Check out an assortment of illustrations below by many of our talented Gerald and Cullen Rapp artists.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan (Below)

Chi Birmingham

Nigel Buchanan


Daniel Hertzberg

John Dykes

Brian Ajhar

Eva Vazquez

Ryan Snook

Sean McCabe

Richard Mia

James O'Brien

Bonnie Hofkin for Balvenie Distillery of Scotland

Posted by Workbook on 08/19/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Joanne Hedge of Hedge Graphics

For the second year in a row, Momentum Worldwide representing Balvenie Distillery of Scotland, makers of rare craft scotch whiskey and owned by William Grant & Sons, engaged Bonnie Hofkin to create drawings for the Rare Craft Collection handbook, curated by award-winning designer Todd Snyder and highlighting twenty-two premier American artisans.
Hofkin is prized for her drawing ability, along with her signature da Vinci look, which often incorporates color. These four copyrighted black-and-white artworks are from the 2014 series.

John Tomac: How a Baystar is Born

Posted by Workbook on 08/18/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Here is John Tomac's illustration for the article "How a Baystar is Born," which chronicles the process Japanese baseball teams employ for finding North American players who might not be good enough to make it in MLB but are potential stars in Japan. See more from John Tomac at his Workbook Portfolio and check out the original article HERE.

Richard Solomon Artists: The Heat is On

Posted by Workbook on 08/15/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
It's the hottest time of the year, and this summer's heat wave is accompanied by a wide variety of scorching illustrations from 20 Richard Solomon artists. Take a look.

David Palumbo (Below)
“Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men. "
-Martha Graham

David Johnson
"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
-Sam Keen

Douglas Smith
"Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light."
-Oscar Wilde

Gregory Manchess
"Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal."
-Dante Alighieri

Guy Stauber
"When you're on fire like that, you just keep shooting them."
-LeBron James

Ricardo Martinez
"Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself. "
-Leon Edel

James Bennett
"Catch on fire and people will come for miles to see you burn."
-John Wesley

Orlando Arocena
"Nature has an order. A power to restore balance. I believe he is that power."
-Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, Godzilla ( 2014 )

Chase Stone
"Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat."
-Caroline Schoeder

Jason Seiler
"Fire taps something ancient and vital in each of us, something both snarling and reverential."
-Caroline Paul

Kent Barton
"If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon."

Michal Lisowski
"Nothing does Reason more Right, than the Coolness of those that offer it; For Truth often suffers more by the Heat of its Defenders, than from the Arguments of its Opposers."
-William Penn

Patrick Arrasmith
"The glass ceiling gets more pliable when you turn up the heat."
-Pauline R. Kezer

Sam Spratt
"The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire. "
-Ferdinand Foch

Goni Montes
"When the heat and motion of blind impulses and passions distract it on all sides, we can neither give nor receive anything truly. But when we find our center in our soul by the power of self-restraint, by the force that harmonizes all warring elements."
-Rabindranath Tagore

C.F. Payne
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
-George Washington

Tyler Jacobson
"The body temperature is a necessary element required for survival. Heat is the essential characteristic of fire."
-Sam Veda

Piotr Jablonski
"Uncontrolled emotion is as undisciplined and needlessly destructive as starting a forest fire with a carelessly tossed match or cigarette."
-Loretta Young

Mark Summers
"Then, who really is this I? Fire burns and also brightens. It burns things by heat and brightens them by the light it sheds. Fire is different from the things it acts upon."
-Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Bill Sanderson
"As in an explosion, I would erupt with all the wonderful things I saw and understood in this world."
-Boris Pasternak

Peter Donnelly Wins Media Bistro's Cover Battle

Posted by Workbook on 08/12/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Illustrator Peter Donnelly's Organic Gardening cover won Media Bistro's Cover Battle with Teen Vogue by a landslide! Eighty-seven percent of voters preferred Donnelly's bright, flowery cover for the August-September issue over Teen Vogue's portrait photo of Kendall Jenner in a hat that would make Pharrell proud. Donnelly's image, in addition to several other recent illustrated covers from Organic Gardening, has generated a good amount of positive buzz about the magazine's return to cover illustration. Take a look at the official cover battle results HERE. There's also an excellent in-depth article on Organic Gardening's return to illustration by Robert Newman HERE.

Workbook Latest Additions: August 10th-16th

Posted by Workbook on 08/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustrationLatest Additions
Oscar Wilson
Specializing in image creation, illustration, and hand-crafted typography, Oscar Wilson produces work for a wide variety of clients, with commissions from the advertising world, fashion, publishing, film,  and TV. Oscar Wilson also works collaboratively with his brother, Ben Wilson, on 3D and interior projects, under the "Wilson Brothers" banner. Clients for the Wilson Brothers include: Brooks, Honda, Nike, and Stüssy Japan.

Jun Park
For more than twenty years, Jun has united his design experience and artistic skills to produce creative visual solutions for a host of international clients. Jun's retro illustration style uses muted color palettes and simpler-is-better approaches that transport viewers back to the '30s and '40s. Jun's retro-style work has received multiple honors from such industry leaders as Communication Arts Annual (4 awards), the Society of Illustrators of L.A. (3 awards) and Graphis Poster Annual 2010 gold award.

Jason Cook, a.k.a. Jacey, has been a practicing digital illustrator and pixel pusher for around sixteen years. Jason originally came from a photographic background, and the progression to digital arts was a natural one. Jason has delved into music design, animation, and social documentary photography, then proceeded to art directing web sites for a new media company, which before long lead him back to his real passion, combining photography and illustration with digital technology.

Sarah Hanson
Sarah's work is a combination of traditional handmade and digital collage. Inspired by her travels and as an avid collector of random ephemera, she finds and stores interesting bits of old paper, maps, photographs, and various objects, which have all become strong elements in her work. For every new project she has a unique sift through the many random piles, sketchbooks, and pads that have accumulated around her studio, selecting suitable elements as she goes. Well known at art school for her numerous layered and collaged sketch books, Sarah still continually collects and documents new and inspiring collage material and ephemera in this way.

Infomen is an information and graphic design firm jointly run by designers Aman Khanna and Carlos Coelho. Operating from their studios in New Delhi and London, Infomen has been providing a successful design service to a wide variety of international clients since January 2006. Graduating from London College of Communication and gaining their initial work experience in well-established design environments in the UK and Spain have trained them to practice as information designers and illustrators. With the help of appropriate visual tools (e.g., maps, navigation signage, info-graphics, diagrams) they create a meaningful visual experience for the end users.

Peter Grundy Interview

Posted by Workbook on 08/08/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationInterviews

Peter Grundy is an illustrator and designer who has specialized in information design for over thirty years. His latest book, a collaboration with author Simon Rogers, Infographics: Human Body, simplifies a variety of complex facts about the human body with Grundy's signature entertaining and informative info graphics. The book is available now.

Why did you decide to focus specifically on a career in information design?
I went to the Royal College of Art in London in the late 70s at a time of dynamic, creative energy; most students went into advertising or design groups to pursue brochure, packaging, and corporate identity.
This was a time pre-technology when the tools of an art director were simply good ideas and "balls."
I met Tilly Northedge at the RCA, and we became interested in a tired, overlooked area of design that was more about explaining things than selling things, and when we graduated, we set up a design studio to do this work in a more creative and imaginative way. The studio was Grundy & Northedge. We worked together for twenty-five years. When Tilly retired in 2006, I renamed the studio Grundini.

How would you describe your style?
The main component of my work isn’t style, it's ideas. The methods I use to visualize these ideas have evolved from the need to communicate simply.

Your work involves both simplifying complex subjects and making them visually appealing. Which aspect (simplifying the topic or making the image visually appealing) do you focus on first? Or does it depend on each individual project?
Simplification is complicated, when you take stuff away from an image you need different skills to retain interest and elegance. My skills are more typographic than illustrative.

How has your work evolved over the past several decades?
It's become simpler, which requires more confidence, and that comes with time. It also started without new technology and now uses new technology, but you wouldn’t notice the join.

What would be your ultimate iconography dream project?
I’ve always fancied being the artist in residence at NASA.

Your new book, Information Graphics: Human Body, tackles nearly every imaginable topic related to the human body, from the separate layers to diseases and reproduction. What inspired you take on such a broad and extensive subject?
It wasn’t a new idea; the human body has after-all been "booked" a thousand times. But the project interested me because I wanted a chance to simplify the body to an almost-ridiculous state and make it fun for the age group. In other words, you’ve got the books that look at the body in great detail, my book is a chance to look at it in as little detail as possible.

Do you have a personal favorite topic or page from the book? Which one?
The human heart (p x) was, I felt, a way of making the heart, which isn’t a pretty thing, visually something quite beautiful and descriptive. (See below.)

What was the most difficult topic to make both simple and attractive?
Guess that’s the toilet contents.

Are there any specific changes in your approach when creating infographics designed mainly for children rather than adults?

Finally, what advice would you give for illustrators looking to pursue a career in information design?
When I was a student, a tutor told me that an information designer should never let his or her personality stand in front of the information. I thought, "to hell with that."

Below are a few of Peter's infographics from other recent projects.

Stanislawa Kodman Wins the Gold

Posted by Workbook on 08/07/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Illustrator Stanislawa Kodman was awarded the gold in the Circle of Excellence national competition in the design poster category of the 2014 Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for her poster series promoting the September 2013 lecture, "The Insomniac’s Lullaby" by Paul Simon, from Emory University’s Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature Series.

Design/Illustration – Stanislawa Kodman
Creative group editor – Jane Howell
Ellmann Lecture Series Director – Joseph Skibell
Illustration based on photograph of Paul Simon by Mark Seliger

Hyesu Lee for Chobani

Posted by Workbook on 08/06/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
Hyesu Lee recently worked on this fun packaging illustration project for Chobani yogurt, now out in stores.