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Chris Labrooy: Top Tech Cars

Posted by Workbook on 04/16/2014 — Filed under:  CGIFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
This month's cover of IEEE Spectrum Magazine by Chris Labrooy. Source: Debut Art

Raymond Bonilla for the New Yorker

Posted by Workbook on 04/16/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesIllustration
See more from illustrator Raymond Bonilla HERE

Vadim Rubtsov's poster for 'Boris Godunov'

Posted by Workbook on 04/15/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Artist Vadim Rubtsov, represented by the agency Komiksar, created this poster for the opera Boris Godunov.

Rob Ball: Game of Thrones' "Beautiful Deaths"

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Mendola Artists Representatives

Rob Ball has been working hard on his dream job: illustrating "Beautiful Deaths" for the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Chosen by 360i agency and the network, Rob has created 30 images depicting the key death from each episode in Seasons 1-3. HBO's goal was to encourage fans to submit their own artwork through social media platforms, which would be shown on their Beautiful Death site.

A self-confessed GoT geek, Rob watched specific scenes repeatedly, then submitted numerous thumbnails for the creatives to review. His final body of work is a remarkable blend of inventive thinking and masterful technique. We're thrilled to show off Rob's final artwork--let us know what you think! And be sure to head to the Beautiful Deaths website for a new illustration each week during Season 4.

CLICK HERE to view Rob Ball's Mendola Artists portfolio.

CLICK HERE to follow Mendola Artsits on Twitter.


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Jason Seiler: John Malkovich for New York Observer

Posted by Workbook on 04/10/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Illustrator Jason Seiler recently created this portrait of actor John Malkovich for the cover of the New York Observer. Jason is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representative.

Ryan Snook is a Busy Man

Posted by Workbook on 04/09/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Illustrator Ryan Snook has been staying busy so far this year with illustrations for a number of high profile publications, including the cover illustration for the February issue of REP. magazine, seen below.

For Mother Jones about obesity and antibiotics.

For Popular Science about the slow speed of medical innovation.

Poster created for McKee Foods & Drake’s Cake.

Captain America Caricature by Mick Coulas

Posted by Workbook on 04/04/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesIllustration
The latest Marvel Avengers superhero movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, hits theaters today and illustrator Mick Coulas produced this image (seen below) to coincide with its release. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers/Captain America, and Scarlett Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff/The Black Widow.

Lori Anzalone: Featured Illustrator at Visual Connections 2014 Chicago

Posted by Workbook on 04/03/2014 — Filed under:  EventsFeaturesIllustration
See more of Lori's work HERE. Also take a look at Munro Campagna

Margaret Berg in Print

Posted by Workbook on 03/31/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationThis Just In...
Margaret Berg created a series of illustrations for Deborah L. Martin gardening book titled Organic Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden. You can read more about the process and see more of her work on Folioplanet. Congrats, Margaret!

To see more of the illustrations, click here.

The Latest from Joanie Bernstein Art Rep Artists

Posted by Workbook on 03/26/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
Illustrators Elvis Swift, Jacob Thomas and Jon C Krause each showcase their recently published work. To see more from Joanie Bernstein's artists, take a look at her full site.

Elvis Swift's Critter Chic Bowls for Crate & Barrel were recently included in People Magazine as one of the featured items in "Ross Matthews' Favorite Things".

Jacob Thomas for The Wall Street Journal
"10 things the Oscars won’t say"

Jon C. Krause for The Wall Street Journal

"The Age Calculator"