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Michael Sloan's Sketchbook

Posted by Workbook on 05/25/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
NYT Editorial on Voter's ConcernsMichael Sloan now gives us a little insight into his creative process with the recent edition of his "From Sketches to Print" gallery to his website where he shows us the rough sketches along side the finished work in print.  And he has worked for some of the most respected publications on the planet; The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe Newsweek and others.

NYT Long Island Edition editorialNYT ditorial illustration

Editorial illustration

Michael SloanMichael Sloan

Post It Wars

Posted by Workbook on 05/18/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration

Post It War Havas Media

Post It Wars Canal Street

Work must have been a little slow last Friday afternoon proof being that a "Post It War" broke out between agencies on Canal Street in NYC, with more and more creatives jumping into the fray as the afternoon wore on. While the winner is still in dispute, we thought it worth mentioning that Illustrator Tom Cocotos has used this technique for Havas and their client, Citibank. Citibank expressed the desire to create an experiential campaign to share on social media channels to promote its work with Network For Teaching Entrepeneurship, or NFTE, and Tom's collage work was the perfect vehicle. Participants in three major cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Miami were encouraged to share their dreams and goals by writing them on PostIt notes, which Tom then used to create three different collages.

Tom Cocotos at work

Tom Cocotos works on Citibank project

Salzman International

Posted by Workbook on 05/17/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Portrait of Richard Salzman

The Richard Salzman Group has undergone somewhat of a transformation over the last three years. He has added a number of new illustrators to his group, all of whom are non - domestic, and primarily European. Richard prefers to represent Illustrators who are visual storytellers with the solid ability to interpret complex subject matter. He has found a number of illustrators that fit that bill and who bring a modern, graphic look to a wide range of assignments. The portrait of Richard (above) was created by Federico Gastaldi.
For Danish Illustrator, Øivind Hovland,  illustration is clearly about storytelling: "Even if you only have one small image at your disposal, a story can still be told. And that, in a nutshell is my aim, to tell a story using whatever means I have." His colorful, whimsical style can transform a bland or boring subject matter.

Story on Self Employment/Entrepenuership for Prospect Magazine
Story on Cloud Computing for Financial Times Magazine

Story for Arkitektnytt about a failed Architectural Guild merger

Joey Guidone lives and works at the foot of the Italian Alps creating bold and graphic visual metaphors for primarily corporate and editorial clients worldwide.  The image below was created for Family Circle Magazine and deals with the pressures teens face to discuss sex education online through social media.

Family Circle Magazine story about Teens and Sex

The image below was created for a event that raises awareness of water issues in Humbolt, California

Pampline Grove Community gathering Poster. 2016

Davide Bonazzi has been working on a slew of projects for Boston Globe, Indiana University, Wired UK, Science Magazine, Die Zeit and Columbia University, to name a few.  His images may be muted and more subtle, but no less powerful.  In the images below he takes on the question of immigration, of gender inequality and cyber security.

Gender Inequality

Immigration question

Cyber Security

The Latest from the Sanders Agency

Posted by Workbook on 05/11/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Trump Trumpity
The illustrators at the Liz Sanders Agency are a small but diverse group that have been working a variety of assignments lately.
Like many Workbook illustrators, Amy Ning can't resist employing exaggeration and satire when it comes to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In her latest portraits, Donald Trump is "Trumpity" on the wall, and Hillary Clinton is "Little Miss Hillarett," as the spider sits down beside her. The political portrait is just one specialty of Amy's in a much larger portfolio of caricatures.
She also demonstrates her conceptualizing skills with this new image that blends Steampunk and technology with the concepts of time and luck.

Hillary Clinton as Little Miss Muffett Bernie Sanders as the Spider

Time and Luck The Naked Truth

Illustrators Interpret the 2016 Election

Posted by Workbook on 05/09/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
the candidates Hillary and Donald

Workbook illustrators have been busy lately creating visual commentary on the presidential race. Now that the field seems to have essentially narrowed to two, with one still holding on, we've created a portrait gallery that is dominated by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as some of the also-rans. Illustrators also  show their serious side and take on the issues at stake in this election. There's still six months to go, so check back with us to see more of the visual commentary.

Trump as Gemini
Hillary Clinton Girl Power

Hillary at the Stake

Donald Trump silhouette
Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Mad Magazine Cover

Hillary Clinton on a broom stick

Donald Trump on Chinese Flag

Bernie Sanders

Ted Crus portrait

Workbook Covers Spring 2016

Posted by Workbook on 05/09/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationPhotography
Workbook Covers Spring 2016

The Workbook Creative Department comps up dozens of potential covers for every issue. It isn't always easy to find an illustration and a photograph that work together, as well as stand alone in their own right. When we first saw the image by Tim Tadder, we flagged it as a photo contender. Once we came across Nigel Buchanan's illustration, we knew we had a strong pair of covers, each with their beautiful use of bold, complimentary color.

Tim Tadder's photo was actually a test shoot inspired by a line of active sports wear in neon colors in which casting, lighting, and wardrobe all come together beautifully. He told us that he likes to think of the model's expression as evoking a sort of modern day Mona Lisa. Nigel Buchanan's portrait of professional football player Mario Balotelli, know for his somewhat childish antics on and off the field, was originally commissioned for 8by8 magazine. His work with the award-winning magazine has lead to more portrait assignments, which seem to dominate his workload these days.
Thank you Tim and Nigel for allowing us to feature these beautiful portraits.

If you are a creative art buyer and would like to receive a Workbook please send us your information by using this link .

Rapp Artists Get Political

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2016 — Filed under:  BlogsEditorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
With the political season upon us, Rapp Artists are creating some of the funniest and most provocative political portraits and commentary about who is and who may be our next president. Now that the field has thinned a bit, there is a concentration of portraits of Donald, Hillary, and Bernie, but Obama does not escape their scrutiny either. There are also some serious interpretations of just what's at stake in November. See the full post here.

Obama Drones World Leaders

Hillary and Bernie

Mad Magazine Cover  Trump

Hillary Clinton as a witch

the hand of government

Obama Lincoln

Animate Your Creativity

Rolling Stones Yoga,Saving Pets

Take the array of animation tools available today and cross it with the creative energy of illustrators here at Workbook, and the possibilities are endless. Illustrators are expanding their knowledge of animation and incorporating it into their workflow, enabling them to offer creative solutions for a multi-platform campaigns and editorial stories. They take the static illustrated image and over time can reveal something more about a story. In some cases, they are collaborating with designers who have access to a staff of animators, while others are using stop-motion and found objects to animate their own stories and create their own sound track in programs like Garage Band.

Work generally begins with drawings, as with traditional cell animation, but they are then imported into any combination of a number of programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Toon Boom, Flash, AfterEffects, and Cinema 4D. The images below represent work created for high profile editorial and advertising clients, public service announcements, film credits, and animated character cartoons, as well as simple exploration of all the tools available to the artist.

To see more from our recent eblast Animate Your Creativity, click here:, and check back with the blog next month for more animation posts. Above images clockwise beginning top left: Gayle Kabaker,  Kirsten Ulve, Richard Borge, Kim Johnson.

r7 L Beppe Giacobbe  Film credits

Edward Koren Hermes

Gayle Kabaker Exotic Yoga Retreats
Eric Larson Perfect Look Salons

Illustration of a polar bear growling at skiier.

Steve Dininno Datahead

From top to bottom: Beppe Giacobbe, Edward Koren, Gayle Kabaker, Eric Larsen, Janimation, Steve Dininno

What You'll See at Visual Connections

Posted by Workbook on 03/24/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationMotionPhotographyProduction
Man photographic atop a Range Rover

Visual Connections Chicago will provide creative buyers the opportunity to meet artists' representatives working in the Chicago region. Each of their rosters represent a high level of professionalism, at ease collaborating directly with creatives in the fields of advertising, design, and editorial, in print and in motion. We'll be featuring all these representatives and talent over the coming weeks:

First up, Candace Gelman Associates, representing Christopher Wilson (above), Olivia Bee, Christian Kozowyk, Marcus Smith, Zach Anderson, Sandro, and Paul Elledge.

As Candace states on her website, her roster is "currently shooting video to complement their commissioned still work, our photographers’ creative vitality continues to evolve. In an exciting and ever-changing industry, CG&A continues to uphold our clients’ versatile needs while maintaining our position at the forefront of emerging visual artistry." With the widening trend of combining still and motion productions, her roster is a perfect fit for Visual Connections, which will be focusing on this topic at Marrying Stills and Motion, presented by Jonathan Chapman and Laurie Rubin. Photos below in descending order: Olivia Bee, Christian Kozowyk, Marcus Smith, Paul Elledge, Zach Anderson and Sandro.

Olivia Bee Birdy Valentino Red

Kids in a car

Football player catching pass

Girls in water spray

Zach Anderson

Blues musician

New Work from Ken Orvidas

Posted by Workbook on 03/23/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustrationPersonal Work
Ken Orvidas Hopeful

Ken Orvidas has been working on a nice mix of editorial assignments for CFO magazine and the Boston Globe, balanced with some great new personal projects. All of these images speak to the power of an illustrated image to convey concepts that are not easy to express any other way. His take on what it means to be "Hopeful" (image above) captures the idea that what we hope for does not alway align with reality. Ken gives a look at what it might feel like to be  afflicted with "Agoraphobia" in the image below.

Ken Orvidas Agorophobia

In an article for the Boston Globe Ken illustrates (below) for an article called "What’s Ahead for Car Sharing” that delves into the how and why of oping for a“greener,” less-expensive alternative of driving a shared car. For CFO magazine (bottom), Ken gives us a look at  the enthusiasm behind crowd-sourcing movement.

Ken Orvidas Ride Sharing

Crowd Sourcing Ken Orvidas