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Matt Hawthorne Shoots in LA

Posted by Workbook on 05/26/2016 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsFeaturesHeadlinePhotography
athlete in the desert

Matt Hawthorne was recently in the LA area shooting with Belk Department Store for catalog and in-store signage.

female athlete in the desert

Athlete standing at concrete corner

female athlete jumping desert rocks

Male athlete running course

Michael Sloan's Sketchbook

Posted by Workbook on 05/25/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
NYT Editorial on Voter's ConcernsMichael Sloan now gives us a little insight into his creative process with the recent addition of his "From Sketches to Print" gallery to his website where he shows us the rough sketches alongside the finished work in print. And he has worked for some of the most respected publications on the planet: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Newsweek, and others.

NYT Long Island Edition editorialNYT ditorial illustration

Editorial illustration

Michael SloanMichael Sloan

Peter Samuel's Fairy Tale Animals

Posted by Workbook on 05/19/2016 — Filed under:  Award WinnersFeaturesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography
Garbo The Barn Owl

We knew this series was special the first time we saw it and posted about it here last year. The judges for the Communication Arts Photo Annual agreed because they've included five of these "Fairytale Animals" in their latest 2016 edition. There is some crossover with their selection and ours and some new additions to the group as well. Congratulations, Peter!

Peter Samuels Fairy Tale Animals

Post-it Wars

Posted by Workbook on 05/18/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration

Post It War Havas Media

Post It Wars Canal Street

Work must have been a little slow last Friday afternoon proof being that a "Post It War" broke out between agencies on Canal Street in NYC, and more and more creatives jumped into the fray as the afternoon wore on. While the winner is still in dispute, we thought it worth mentioning that illustrator Tom Cocotos has used this technique for Havas and their client, Citibank. Citibank expressed the desire to create an experiential campaign to share on social media channels to promote its work with Network For Teaching Entrepeneurship, or NFTE, and Tom's collage work was the perfect vehicle. Participants in three major cities, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, were encouraged to share their dreams and goals by writing them on Post-it notes, which Tom then used to create three different collages.

Tom Cocotos at work

Tom Cocotos works on Citibank project

Salzman International

Posted by Workbook on 05/17/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Portrait of Richard Salzman

The Richard Salzman Group has undergone somewhat of a transformation over the last three years. He has added a number of new illustrators to his group, all of whom are non-domestic and primarily European. Richard prefers to represent illustrators who are visual storytellers with the solid ability to interpret complex subject matter. He has found a number of illustrators who fit that bill and who bring a modern, graphic look to a wide range of assignments. The portrait of Richard (above) was created by Federico Gastaldi.
For Danish illustrator, Øivind Hovland, illustration is clearly about storytelling. "Even if you only have one small image at your disposal, a story can still be told. And that, in a nutshell is my aim: to tell a story using whatever means I have." His colorful, whimsical style can transform a bland or boring subject matter.

Story on Self Employment/Entrepenuership for Prospect Magazine
Story on Cloud Computing for Financial Times Magazine

Story for Arkitektnytt about a failed Architectural Guild merger

Joey Guidone lives and works at the foot of the Italian Alps creating bold and graphic visual metaphors for primarily corporate and editorial clients worldwide. The image below was created for Family Circle magazine and deals with the pressures teens face to discuss sex education online through social media.

Family Circle Magazine story about Teens and Sex

The image below was created for a event that raises awareness of water issues in Humbolt, California.

Pampline Grove Community gathering Poster. 2016

Davide Bonazzi has been working on a slew of projects for the Boston Globe, Indiana University, Wired UK, Science magazine, Die Zeit, and Columbia University, to name a few. His images may be muted and more subtle, but no less powerful. In the images below he takes on the question of immigration, gender inequality, and cyber security.

Gender Inequality

Immigration question

Cyber Security

Latest Additions: May 15th - May 21st

Posted by Workbook on 05/17/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineLatest Additions
Flavio Morais
Flavio Morais was born in São Paulo, Brazil. His career also began here working as an illustrator for a T-shirt company. He later attended an art and design course at Chelsea School of Art and ended up in Barcelona, where he still lives and works for press, editorial, and advertising. Several of his clients include the New York Times, Saatchi & Saatchi, Canal +, Volkswagen, and Coca-Cola. Flavio has also had several individual exhibitions.

Illustration of small village and marketplace.

Sarah Anne Ward
Sarah Anne Ward is a New York-based photographer specializing in food/drinks, soft-goods, and product photography. She studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and operates from her studio in midtown Manhattan. When not photographing commissioned assignments, Sarah is shooting personal projects and globe trotting.

Overhead photo of table with food and beverages

Maciej Frolow
Maciej was born in 1973 in Wroclaw, Poland. Maciej moved to France at the age of nine, and he now lives between Poland and France. Living for images, his references are numerous and varied, from TV ads to Japanese anime to artists like Wojtek Siudmak, Paul Bonner, Rodney Matthews, Sparth, or Syd Mead. His style is realistic and colorful, full of details and often with a three-dimensional quality.

3D illustration of torso coming out of fruit.

Michael DiMilo
Michael DiMilo is an artist who brings his affectionate humor and whimsical style to his vector illustrations and animation. His work has appeared on packaging and online brand experiences for companies including Mountain Dew, Frito Lay, and SC Johnson. Michael has several years of experience bringing brands to life across a range of print and digital media as a senior art director and illustrator at Culver Brand Design. His illustration and animation has appeared in social media campaigns for Smartfood Brand Popcorn, Autolite, and Ziploc brands. Michael's hand-drawn animated film Smoky Places appeared in the Wisconsin Film Festival as well as the Milwaukee Film Festival's Cream City Show in 2014.

Poster illustration of woman's face.

The Latest from Hana Productions

Posted by Workbook on 05/16/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMotionPhotographyProduction
Hana Productions for Dooney Bourke

Hana Productions provides Hawaii production services statewide, with a home base on Maui. With years of experience as location scouts and in production management, they have attracted clients from around the world for every kind of project. Here are just a few of the latest.

Job Type:  Photo Shoot; Client: Dooney Bourke; Photographer: Michael Altobello
Hana Productions Dooney Bourke promotion

Dooney Bourke Promotion

Job Type: Print/Web; Client: Chase United Mileage Plus Card; Agency: Quigley Simpson; Production Partner: Related Productions
Hana Productions Chase Card

Chase Card Promotion

Job Type: Photo Shoot and BTS/Promo Video; Client: Liverpool, Mexico; Agency: Ogilvy Mather; Production Company Partner: Oxigeno; Photographer: Jack Guy
Liverpool Mexico

Liverpool Mexico two models on a boat

Job type: Commercial; Client: Chase United Mileage Plus Card; Agency: Quigley Simpson; Production Company Partner: Magna Carta Media

Kristyna Archer Hangs Out at the Barbershop

Posted by Workbook on 05/12/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMotionPersonal WorkPhotography
Jay Mallari Legends Barbershop

Kristyna Archer's latest project  began as a portrait shoot, but evolved into considerably more. The project was originally a feature for Smashd involving a still portrait of well-known barber, Jay R Mallari, and the famous Legends Barbershop featured in the 2002 film. As she spent time there, Kristyna became enthralled with the camaraderie and sense of community, as well as the serious sneakers walking in and out the door, and decided to capture it all on film. The results is a 00 :50 video with audio featuring Jay R as he defines the special sense of community and brotherhood that exists at Legends and the importance of a good haircut.

To see more of Kristyna's recent video projects go to her Motion gallery.

Haircut at Legends Jay R Mallari

Legends from Kristyna Archer on Vimeo.

The Latest from the Sanders Agency

Posted by Workbook on 05/11/2016 — Filed under:  Editorial IllustrationFeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Trump Trumpity
The illustrators at the Liz Sanders Agency are a small but diverse group that have been working a variety of assignments lately.
Like many Workbook illustrators, Amy Ning can't resist employing exaggeration and satire when it comes to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In her latest portraits, Donald Trump is "Trumpity" on the wall, and Hillary Clinton is "Little Miss Hillarett," as the spider sits down beside her. The political portrait is just one specialty of Amy's in a much larger portfolio of caricatures.
She also demonstrates her conceptualizing skills with this new image that blends Steampunk and technology with the concepts of time and luck.

Hillary Clinton as Little Miss Muffett Bernie Sanders as the Spider

Time and Luck The Naked Truth

Latest Additions: May 8th - 14th

Posted by Workbook on 05/10/2016 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineLatest Additions
Jennifer Marx
Jennifer Marx is a food and still life photographer whose understanding and manipulation of light and composition not only captures a beautiful image, but also tells a story. She has shot both editorial and commercial projects for various clients, including Kraft Foods, Tyson Foods, National Cattleman's Beef Associates, American Egg Board, Chili's, Walmart, McDonald's, and the Land of Nod.

Chocolate and caramel

Kotryna Zukauskaite
Kotryna Zukauskaite pursued her education in Lithuania, the UK, and Moscow, and received a BA in illustration from Kingston University. Her work is conceptual with a graphic flair made of stylized geometric shapes and filled in with handmade patterns and textures. Her work yields a hybrid of collage and digital precision. Having family members in the science field, Katrina was also gifted with the nerdy gene, which factors in to some of her illustrative work. She specializes in editorial, popular science, academic, corporate publishing, graphic design, and advertising illustration. She lives and works worldwide from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Editorial illustration of security.

Kelsey Wilhm
Once described as her waterlogged years, growing up on the swim team, scuba diving, lifeguarding, and teaching swim lessons, have been the catapult and inspiration of her work today. Having called Chicago, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota home, Kelsey left her roots in the Midwest to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Midwest raised, California washed– she is continuously humbled by how the ocean can always make you feel tiny, yet inspired. Now located in Los Angeles, compelled by her wanderlust, she is a strong believer travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.

Couple hanging out by the pool.

Phil Disley
Today, Phil Disley is acknowledged as one of Britain's foremost illustrators. Born in and now living in Liverpool, Phil studied a Foundation of Arts before entering and graduating from Newcastle University with studies in graphics. His award-winning career began modestly with illustrations in the "Big Issue" in '93.

Since then, his work has become a regular fixture in many of Britain's, and now the world's, most prestigious publications, as well as numerous book covers. Recently, Phil's political work for the Gaurdian and Independent newspapers has been awarded with inclusion into the British Cartoon Archive.  He's also been awarded by the Association of Illustrators for his editorial work in the Guardian. Phil's Classic FM's Hall of Fame series can now be seen in the Lebrecht archives.

Portrait illustration of Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák.