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Workbook Latest Additions: January 25th-February 1st

Posted by Workbook on 01/26/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineLatest Additions
Moshik Gulst
Moshik studied in Bezalel academy for art and design in Jerusalem-Israel and currently lives in Tel Aviv. His work can be seen in leading Israeli newspapers, magazines, books and covers, animation movies and various projects along with corporate and advertising works in the leading ad agencies of Israel.

Ashley Gieseking
Ashley’s work is defined by simplicity and color. Whether shooting fancy cocktails or portraits of chefs, she brings her clean aesthetic and calm disposition to the table. Her background in editorial photography has cultivated her hands on approach to styling and honed her skills in manipulating and recreating natural light. About her job, Ashley says, ”I’ve had to obstruct traffic, trespass, hot glue fondant to a model, smash peppermints, fight frostbite, accumulate parking tickets, make a ladder out of milk crates, move dumpsters and scout biker bars. It isn’t always easy, but it’s my job to get the right shot.”

Vigg studied Political Science, Literature and Anthropology. He has been a self-taught illustrator since 1998 for various magazines and newspapers. His conceptual artwork is simple, colourful and just humorous enough to deliver the perfect impact every time. He is also an author and part of the Bellebrute creative duo with Marianne Chevalier.

Suzanne Simmons
Suzanne Simmons graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  An illustrator with a passion for variety, she works with fashion art, including cosmetics, hair care and clothing for men, women and children.   Storyboards, comps and animatics are also part of her repertoire.  She has designed packaging and also enjoys working with type.  She loves drawing animals and is in the process of doing artwork for a children’s book.  Recently, she has begun doing portraits.

Tobias Hall
Tobias Hall is a freelance illustrator, letterer, designer and mural artist working out of London. Since graduating in Summer 2010 he's been working closely with UK-based Italian restaurant chain, Zizzi, as their in-house designer and art director. He's also been lucky enough to work on an eclectic mix of projects for a growing list of international clients.
When he's not writing in the third-person, Tobias likes to draw stuff inspired by the music that he listens to or things that he reads.

Nate Luke
Nate Luke is a photographer and director originally from Muscatine, Iowa, the Pearl of the Mississippi. Nate got hooked on photography after seeing the work of Diane Arbus. He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the rest is history.

Nell Pierce
Nell Pierce grew up in Portland, Maine and is now based in Minneapolis. Nell has worked as a professional artist for seven years, developing a painterly style and an eye for color and light and has worked on a wide range of projects.

Ana Gomez Bernaus
Born and raised in Barcelona, Ana studied graphic design at Elisava School. Barcelona and its Catalan modernism style influenced her early work, creating fascination with the rich organic ornamentation and details. She fell in love with typography in New York and her work acquired a more rational and organized flavor. Barcelona brought her a taste for illustration, New York allured her with typography, and now both disciplines live in L.A., with lettering. Ana has been awarded with the Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence, nominated for the 2013 Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 2013/2014 and her work has been featured in several books and publications.

A.k.A. Launches New Site!

Posted by Workbook on 01/26/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Creative Illustration Studio, A.k.A., wrapped up this first month of the new year with a new website!

"We recently decided to re build our A.k.A site as we felt the time was right, with the introduction of many new technologies and techniques for viewing and constructing sites.

"With this incarnation we wanted to make it as future proof as possible and with the ever increasing resolution of computer displays we wanted to make sure our work was crisp and clear for all to see. The site is easily navigable and any unnecessary clutter has been removed to show off the artwork in eye popping clarity.

"We also wanted to try to include lots of the details that A.k.A has a tendency to obsess over and which is often lost when just viewing a small image of our work on screen. The new site enables prospective clients to see in glorious technicolour all the bits and pieces, be it isometric crumbs from our cake artwork or to ensuring our 3D model Big Ben has the exact face of the real thing. Yes we are a bit OCD about this stuff, it's so important to us to get everything exactly right.

" We're also connected to many social media sites including Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn. Obviously our biggest outside method of promo is our trusty Workbook and having a new and great agent is also a massive help!"

Mick Coulas creates the 9 to 5 Frankenstein

Posted by Workbook on 01/23/2015 — Filed under:  CGIEventsFeatures
Mick Coulas of Revel Ink LLC have created the working man's Frankenstein, Francis S. Stein. He'll be showcasing the creation and production process for this 3D office monster in Sarasota tomorrow from 10AM to 1PM so if you're in town, check it out.

Shooting Marty Stuart for 'Garden and Gun'

Posted by Workbook on 01/23/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By David McClister

These two images were taken on a cold and damp day this past November, in between downpours, at Marty's home in Hendersonville, TN. Marty's home was once the home of Roy Orbison, built by the same folk artist/architect (Braxton Dixon) that built Johnny Cash's home. An orchard separates Marty's home from the old Cash residence, where only the rock foundation, a garage, and a swimming pool still stand. I had the chance to be a kid and explore the old Cash site with Marty last spring, when I met with him to talk about taking photos for his new record (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning). It seems kind of surreal to think about it. I think Marty and I were the last two people to photograph JC. At one point I remember looking down and realizing that I was standing inside what was once the living room, and I started thinking about that day, about photographing Johnny, and I remember the first time I heard that VOICE, that unmistakable voice, booming and distinct, even just in conversation. And I thought about how welcome he made me feel, immediately, the moment I walked into the room, even though he had lost his soul mate June Carter just a week earlier. Marty was there that day too, recording with Johnny, and oddly, he was standing in the same place where he was picking that same day. I didn't mention it to Marty. I don't know why. I guess it was unnecessary. We looked around some more, but we didn't take any photos that day, we just talked - or more likely, I just listened, as I find myself always doing whenever I'm around an icon like Marty, someone with so many amazing stories to tell (and in his case, someone with so many great photos AND stories to share).
When the Garden & Gun shoot came up, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot - in this amazing hallway in his home, and in his orchard, just up a slight ridge from Johnny's old home. These are the first photos that Marty has ever agreed to do inside his home. I'm honored to have been given that trust.

Scott Bell: Fun on Ice

Posted by Workbook on 01/22/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
The Oakton Ice Arena asked photographer Scott Bell to create dramatic images of their athletes showcasing their skills for display banners outside of the arena. Oakton offers training for all skill levels and has been home to some top level athletes in their field. Scott and his team worked with talented figure skater Makala Arn and speed skater Jeffrey Swider Peltz, who is currently representing the US in the World Cup in Long Track

Behind The Scenes vid below:

Photography on ice from Scott Bell on Vimeo.

Jing Jing Tsong for National Geographic

Posted by Workbook on 01/21/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
Jing Jing Tsong has created a series of spot illustrations‬ for National Geographic Publishing. The colorful images‬ are used throughout reading workbooks to complement‬ exercises designed to be engaging and fun.‬

Craig Washburn Shoots the Disappearing Oil Tanker for Bloomberg Businessweek

Posted by Workbook on 01/21/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMotionPhotography
Photographer Craig Washburn provided images for the New intrigue feature published in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek on the strange journey of the oil tanker United Kalavryta, photographed from helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico. He also shot video, graded to match the stills, featured in this Bloomberg TV piece.

Zina Saunders: Save Our Bees

Posted by Workbook on 01/21/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustrationMotion
Since 2006, 30 percent of the bees that pollinate our food supply have died. New scientific research shows neuro-toxic pesticides called neonicotinoids (neonics) play a crucial role in the drastic reduction of the bee population. The European Union banned the use of neonics in December and illustrator Zina Saunders believes Congress should follow the EU's example. She created the Save Our Bees project in support of congressional bill H.R. 2692, the Saving America's Pollinators Act. Take a look below at several screen shots and Zina's animation video in support of the cause.

Save Our Bees from Zina Saunders on Vimeo.

Workbook Latest Additions: January 18th-24th

Posted by Workbook on 01/20/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineLatest Additions
Scott Bell
Scott Bell is a commercial photographer with over twenty years experience shooting advertising campaigns as well as editorial assignments. He primarily shoots people on location with the focus on portraying a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle and capturing athletes at their best, no matter what the sport or recreation. While most of his assignments involve travel, he is just as comfortable shooting portraits or action in the studio. Scott is also creating more photo illustration types of imagery, taking advantage of this digital age and all the new tools at his disposal. Scott Bell Photography is located in the Chicago, Illinois area but maintains a presence in Florida between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to facilitate his South Florida assignments.

Hal Mayforth
Humorous illustrator and painter Hal Mayforth was born and raised in Vermont. He was lucky to have graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in Fine Art because he spent most of his four years playing rock and roll in bars. He started his illustration career in Boston and returned to Vermont where he lives with his wife and three sons. Hal has been the recipient of many awards and honors including a swimming award at Camp Abnaki in the early '60s. In addition to drawing little guys with big eyes and big noses for money, he is also serious about drawing in his sketchbooks every morning and fashioning those drawings into paintings.

Chris Court
Chris’s passion for photography began in his early teenage years when his mother sent him off, with his two sisters and brother, to photography courses every school holiday. The darkroom is an intriguing and amazing place for nurturing creativity.
After completing a BA, Chris entered the commercial photography industry and has never looked back. Chris has worked with all the major food, lifestyle, and interiors titles including Donna Hay, Gourmet Traveler, Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Living, Livingetc and many, many more. His advertising clients include Nestle,  Sunbeam, Masters, Breville, Stacy’s Chips, Campbell’s, David Jones, Myers, Toyota, Perfect Italiano, Masterfoods, San Remo, and Lindt.
In 2008 and 2010, Chris won the Best Food Photographer award at the Bi-Annual Food Media Awards. Chris has also photographed two books (Etcetera & Nomad) with author and sister Sibella Court.

Sean Dagen
Sean's first camera was given to him by his Aunt when he was nine. He photographed everything in his world with an insatiable appetite. He was hooked. His high school photo teacher can be credited with setting his career path. From that one class a lifelong journey was set in motion. He spent the next four years at the Rochester institute of Technology.
These days he shoots for clients such as Serena & Lily, Tiny Prints, Roost, and many interior designers. Easy going, on time, within budget, and a team player, Sean works relentlessly to bring out the inherent beauty of your product. Delivering more than you asked for, but exactly what you’re looking for, his intention is to have an amazing and memorable day on set. He promises to bring something new and positive to the table, creating images that are full of depth and beauty.

Eve Steccati
Eve Steccati's illustrated maps open a world of possibilities. Her work brings a richness and distinction to each project, often incorporating architecture, flora and fauna, cultural elements, and ethnic patterns. Since graduating from California College of the Arts, her illustrations have been used by a wide variety of clients. Steccati's work has appeared in books, magazines, packaging, advertising, brochures, in-store murals, and interactive media. Wherever in the world you want to go, the maps of Eve Steccati can take you there.

Andy Ward
Andy Ward is a UK-based illustrator. He studied painting at the Norwich School of Art before moving to London, spending eight years freelancing for editorial and advertising clients. His focus has since broadened to include toy design, jewelry and fashion – and his work appears on clothing, magazines, CD covers, products, the web, and more!

Mike Henry
Mike Henry is a photographer, dad, film buff, guitar enthusiast, and husband who currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Mike's work captures life and youth culture as it happens...the moment between the moments, which is sometimes high energy and other times quiet moments. Clients like Mike because of his down-to-earth nature and for his ability to bring a realness to his work.

Angelica Hoyos Studios
Angelica Hoyos's expertise is in conceptual photography and environmental portraiture. Angelica began her career in visual communications as a graphic designer with a BFA in Graphic Design. Self-taught in photography Angelica was chosen as one of the photographers for Lucie Foundation's MOPLA 160/160 celebration and was shown in their Pro'jekt LA series and other group shows. From the seemingly mundane and relatable, Angelica conjures wonder, drama, magic. Her mastery of chiaroscuro embracing the interplay of shadows and light to evoke three dimensions makes every photo a diorama to be explored. Like being whisked away into an enchanted sugar egg, every Angelica Hoyos photo - unmistakable and unforgettable - is an adventure into a realm of unbound imagination.

Ed Wisinski
Ed is an accomplished illustrator, experienced designer, and art director who has been working in the marketing industry for more than ten years. Through the years Ed has had the good fortune to illustrate and design for numerous well know brands including Burger King, Con Agra Foods, Fox Sports, Little Debbie Snacks, Learning Curve Toys, Mattel, McDonalds, Ohio Art, and Racing Champions/ERTL. His work is best described as unique, featuring a sense of motion while incorporating energy and visual interest. Basically, he creates work that stands out and creates interest in the brands that it is promoting without fishing around.

Travis Foster
Travis specializes in illustration for magazines, advertising, marketing, licensing, video, and publishing.

Lonnie Busch

Ashley Gieseking Celebrates the New Year with Personalized Holiday Gifts

Posted by Workbook on 01/16/2015 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Photographer Ashley Gieseking started off 2015 by sending out personalized gift boxes featuring bottles of Moet, raspberry rum balls, letter press coasters, and a personalized message for each lucky recipient. The gifts were Ashley's way of thanking her clients for what was another successful year full of great collaborations and beautiful images.

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