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Cindy Whitehead: Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Posted by Workbook on 04/15/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineMotionProduction

"Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you're dead". This is the personal motto of Cindy Whitehead.
She conquered the male dominated profession of pro vert skateboarding in the 70's, and quickly became one of the top ranked professional female vert skateboarders in the U.S. for pool riding and half-pipe. To this day, Cindy still holds the distinction of being the only female to be featured in the centerfold plus a two-page article in a skateboarding magazine, and is the only female skateboarder to have been sponsored by Puma.
Since then, Cindy has gone on to coin the term "Sports Stylist®," working as a fashion stylist specializing in sports, with companies like Gatorade, Nike, the NBA, and athletes such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Mia Hamm.
Last year she made national headlines by skateboarding down the closed 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. In June of 2013 Cindy flew to Washington, DC to sign over some of her skateboard history to The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History's sports collections.
Cindy has been profiled in magazines and sites such as, ESPN, The Huffington Post, & Women's Wear Daily, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. She most recently spoke in Washington, DC at The Smithsonian Museum's Innoskate event.
Her catchphrase "Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word" has become a battle cry for girls worldwide.
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Vadim Rubtsov's poster for 'Boris Godunov'

Posted by Workbook on 04/15/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
Artist Vadim Rubtsov, represented by the agency Komiksar, created this poster for the opera Boris Godunov.

Rob Ball: Game of Thrones' "Beautiful Deaths"

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Mendola Artists Representatives

Rob Ball has been working hard on his dream job: illustrating "Beautiful Deaths" for the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Chosen by 360i agency and the network, Rob has created 30 images depicting the key death from each episode in Seasons 1-3. HBO's goal was to encourage fans to submit their own artwork through social media platforms, which would be shown on their Beautiful Death site.

A self-confessed GoT geek, Rob watched specific scenes repeatedly, then submitted numerous thumbnails for the creatives to review. His final body of work is a remarkable blend of inventive thinking and masterful technique. We're thrilled to show off Rob's final artwork--let us know what you think! And be sure to head to the Beautiful Deaths website for a new illustration each week during Season 4.

CLICK HERE to view Rob Ball's Mendola Artists portfolio.

CLICK HERE to follow Mendola Artsits on Twitter.


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Workbook Latest Additions: April 13th-19th

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineLatest Additions

This week, we've got 14 new photographers, illustrators and production specialists to showcase. Take a look at their bios, image samples, and portfolio links below.

Philippe Lechien
One feels the immediacy of Philippe's work because he illustrates the moment as a photojournalist does. During the 1990s, Philipe traveled Africa to make reportorial drawings about the conditions in refugee camps. From this experience came his current style, which allows the viewer to peek out at an event from an obscure vantage point. Philippe loves both jazz and New York City. Festival de Jazz de La Villette, held in the great Cultural Hall in Paris, exhibited his suite of drawings: ''Jazz in New York,'' created during the years he lived in Manhattan. Most recently Philippe's version of a bustling New York can be seen as an MTA Art card on the NYC subway.

Neil DaCosta

Lifestyle photographer Neil DaCosta began his career pursuing a love of snowboard photography in the mountains of UT, where brands like Roxy, Quiksilver, and K2 Inc, recognized his talent and sent him shooting around the globe. His ability to capture fresh and spontaneous moments, full of youth and vibrancy, are met with a considered and polished style. One art buyer's take: "I think it is rare to find someone that has that exuberant edge, but pulls it off in a professional way. His work to me has a depth that lends itself to simple, emotional storytelling." Neil is now based in Portland, OR. Although now living at sea level, he is often in snowboard boots, heading up the hill.

Anthony Lewis

Anthony lives with his wife Kathryn and three children in England. Since graduating with First Class Honors from the Liverpool School of Art in 1989, he has illustrated more than 200 children's books, as well as magazine articles, advertisements, theater posters and corporate brochures. While in school, Anthony was Highly Commended in the Reader's Digest Young Illustrators Competition. He also received a Smarties Gold Award for 'The Owl Tree', has twice been short-listed for the Sheffield Book Award and was nominated for the BBC's 2004 Blue Peter Book Award for 'Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths. In his free time he enjoys the theater, traveling and watching Liverpool Football Club.

Peter Francis

Based in Brighton, UK, Peter has created fresh, bright artwork for over 15 years. Being heavily influenced by a love of animation he spent a number of years working as an illustrator in children's television. His clients included 'Aardman Animations', BBC Worldwide and 'A' for Animation. Here he was greatly influenced by the art of narrative, and combined his love of drawing with the power of storytelling. His artwork is playful with an eye for color and detail, while evoking a subtle theatricality. When not frantically sketching in his studio he takes time for long coastal walks, exploring local history and archaeology, painting seascapes and growing vegetables.


Gynux, born in France, currently resides in Lyon. As a child, he had always been drawn to storytelling and illustration. He studied industrial engineering in college and later worked as a furniture and graphic designer. However, he came to realize that there were some boundaries that had been suppressing his creativity by solely focusing on industrial design. He craved the spontaneity that comes from being free to recreate anything from his wildest dreams and his farthest imaginations. Luckily, Gynux returned to the realm of drawing and illustration where his inspiration comes from a wide range of sources – cartoons, fine arts, architecture, film and especially music.

Tracy Bishop

Tracy Bishop grew up on an U.S. Army base just outside of Tokyo, Japan. At an early age, Tracy's dad recognized her interest in art and kept her supplied with endless reams of dot-matrix printer paper from his office so she could draw to her heart's content. Graduating with a degree in graphic design and a concentration in illustration/animation, Tracy focused on building a career in graphic and web design. Her passion for telling stories through pictures persisted, however. In 2010, she switched gears and became a full-time illustrator. Tracy can now be found working from home in San Jose, CA. Her daily inspirations are her son, husband, and a hairy dog appropriately named Harry. When she's not working, you'll find Tracy reading, collecting picture books, knitting, or tinkering on her computer.


Shanghoon first picked up a camera when he moved to Toronto from South Korea at the age 18 and he hasn't put it down since. He is versatile and technical creative thinker who loves nothing more than a challenge that involves high lights, dark shadows, to put things in motion and sometimes to make things explode. He has been featured in such publications as Lurzer’s Int’l Archive Advertising Worldwide, Communication Arts Magazine and Applied Arts Magazine for his work in the advertising field of photography. His clients have included Coors, Nissan, Visa, BBDO, DDB and Saatchi and Saatchi.

Steve Cox

After graduating from Cornwall School of Art & Design in 1982, Steve went to work for a design firm creating a variety of licensed characters, in particular those for "Roland Rat", a British television series, and for its use in various merchandise products. In 1987 he established, Primary Design, which quickly became the approved studio for the illustration and design of many well-known TV characters. About five years later, however, despite his success, he decided that the drawing board was more satisfying to him than running a company, and he returned to full-time illustration. Steve lives in Bath, England.

Laura Huliska-Beith

Laura Huliska-Beith is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. She grew up in Omaha Nebraska, the oldest of 5 children and her siblings were the inspiration behind her first picture book, The Book of Bad Ideas (although she takes full credit for Bad Idea #143). She has since illustrated many books including Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler, The Recess Queen and The Worst Best Friend both by Alexis O’Neill.

Ian Joven

Ian studied graphic design at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He started drawing at an early age and when he was six year old, his parents enrolled him in his first painting, sculpture, and character design class. He remembers his first attempt at illustration drawing Transformers and "Condorito" (a comic character based on anthropomorphic condor from a Chilean cartoonist). He was hooked. Ian lives in Bogotá, Colombia with his wife and 2 children where he is fortunate enough to work in his home studio and is able to share his passion of drawing and painting with his children while working on projects.

Michael Paraskevas

Michael Paraskevas, a well-known illustrator among magazine art directors, has had his work featured in such prestigious publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Town & Country and Esquire and has earned numerous awards from industry professionals. Along with his mother Betty, he has published many children's books and includes the much-loved Tangerine Bear, which was produced as a Christmas Special for ABC in 2000. The mother-and-son team's most well known project, called Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, was developed for Nick Jr. and is still running on Noggin. It won the prized Gemini Award for best-animated show of 2001 in Canada. Paraskevas was educated at School of Visual Arts in New York where he also received his Masters Degree in Visual Journalism.

J.P. Schmelzer & Associates

J.P. Schmelzer has produced award-winning images for advertising and editorial assignments in his 40-year career. He works primarily in pen and ink, watercolor, acrylics, pencil, and charcoal, but also does small sculpture. His subject matter includes humor, caricature, realism, cartoons, and rendering. People and animals and the spaces they inhabit are J.P.’s main interest and he creates images that fulfill a need and offer solutions to visual problems. He has created thousands of illustrations for books, magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards, postcards, truck wraps, transit signs, pool cues, tiles, coffee mugs, tee-shirts, calling cards, trophies, and buttons.

Marc Tobin

Marc Tobin has been producing creative imagery on a freelance basis since 1992. While well versed in traditional mediums such as Acrylic and Colored Pencil, his experience in the digital arena is extensive. Possessing a vast knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Marc is also experienced in applications such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, InDesign and more. MTillustration provides a wide variety of digital images ranging from Magazine, Book and Poster Illustrations to Video Game and Web Graphics.

Mark Scott

Paolo Marchesi in the Wild

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  Advertising CampaignsAnything TechnicalFeaturesHeadlinePhotographybehind the scenes

Most often the word 'perilous' is not considered synonymous with the word 'photography' given the "point, click, shoot," definition we average camera users experience.

As one might imagine the professional experience is much different, and Photographers sometimes have to plan not just how to make the client happy but also the best approach to avoid injury.

Paolo Marchesi recently shot a campaign for Wyoming Tourism and lived to tell the tale.  His blog on the experience is an insightful and entertaining read into how to truly capture the wild without being one if its victims.

Here is an excerpt form the piece:

"When the guys at Barnhart called me, to shoot wild bisons with geysers in the background in Yellowstone National Park, I figured it was going to be just another shoot.  I was wrong.  Bisons are the most dangerous animals in the park.  From 1980 to 1999 more than three times as many people in Yellowstone National Park were injured by bison than by bears...

"I googled Bisons accidents, and the incidents caused mostly broken bones and puncture wounds with just one casualty in 1983.  The broken bones I can deal with, is the casualty that I really try to avoid.  According to statistics the shoot seemed doable.  I waited for the right light, left my getaway driver on the road and ventured a mile into the heart of a big meadow dotted by a herd of buffalos.  I followed draws and hid behind sage brush bushes and slowly worked my way to the herd.  For the next 3 hours I followed them and was right in the middle of them breathing quietly.  Had bisons within a few feet, I laid flat on the ground or hid behind bushes knowing that there was no escape if one bison didn’t like me."

Read the entire captivating blog here.

Robb Long's Dairy Farm Shoot

Posted by Workbook on 04/14/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
By Robb Long

This was a self-assignment that I shot for my stock library and to showcase my abilities as a top-notch agriculture photographer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been around farming quite a bit since moving to the Midwest eight years ago from Washington, DC, and it's one of my favorite things to shoot, especially when it involves real people. I love giving the folks that have never really been in front of a camera direction and then letting the scene unfold organically. You need to be a people person to capture real people, and I feel I've developed a knack for doing just that.

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Andrew Reilly Chronicles the creation of a City Block-Sized Mural

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
This production, which was shot by photographer Andrew Reilly in San Francisco, centered around two well-known street artists, Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags, and their friends as they painted a mural in the city. The mural, which was 4 stories high and a half city block long, took about a week for the artists to complete. As the artists worked, the friends went on supply and food runs, which allowed everyone to explore San Francisco. At the completion of the mural, JanSport/Teak produced an unveiling party with over 200 people.

Client: JanSport
Agency: Teak Digital

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Jennifer Davick: Coffee Buzz

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesPhotography
The latest series from photographer Jennifer Davick. See more from Jennifer HERE.

Richard Schultz: So You Can

Posted by Workbook on 04/11/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePhotography
Richard Schultz has recently completed campaigns for Chase and Dupont Pioneer. Take a look at the images from both below.
Agency: McGarryBowen NY
Executive Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam
Creative Director: Chris Pacetta
Sr. Art Director.  Beau Mitchell
Art Producer: Kim Stoerker

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Jason Lindsey: Shades of Gray

Posted by Workbook on 04/10/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlinePersonal WorkPhotography
Jason Lindsey explores the beauty of aging gracefully with a new portrait project in shades of white, black, and gray. See the entire project at or his Workbook Portfolio.

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