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Michael Crampton helps kick off the US Open

Posted by Workbook on 08/27/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
By Mendola Artist Representatives

The Big Apple Circus, aka, The U.S. Tennis Open, is back for its annual 2 week run. And, if you live in the New York area you've probably seen the poster created by our very own Michael Crampton!
This is Michael's second U.S. Open poster in the past three years. Each year the tennis association commissions a wide range of ideas from the industry's top illustrators and Michael is a rare two-time winner.
The USTA's initial idea was to showcase the stadium from an alternative viewpoint, using a variety of color. Michael was able to provide his own concepts and creative ideas.
We are delighted to share these initial comps and alternates with you, as well as the final poster art.

CLICK HERE to view Michael's Mendola portfolio.

Also make sure to follow Mendola Artists on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (@MendolaArtists)!

LaCoppola + Meier: BREO

Posted by Workbook on 08/26/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Below are shots from the Breo campaign that Debra LaCoppola + Charles Meier shot with Havas Worldwide.
Debra LaCoppola and Charles Meier, together form LaCoppola + Meier. A husband and wife team from New York City had the pleasure of working with Senior Art Producer Alex Tasch and Executive Creative Director John Rea from Havas Worldwide. Together they created images for the BREO Campaign in sunny LA.

Michael Grecco photographs Mark Burnett for the cover of Forbes

Posted by Workbook on 08/26/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
By Michael Grecco

I love photographing people. In fact, I love meeting interesting people through the many magazines and advertising assignments I have had over the years. So just before I left for my holiday vacation (see I had the chance to photograph Mark Burnett - the creator of TV show Survivor - for a Forbes cover shoot, for the second time.

When I arrived at the house I had a gift for Mark: a print from our shoot 20 years prior. He freaked out, called all his teenaged kids downstairs to show them this beautiful 16 x 20 print of him before he had "made it." After everyone saw the print and I had a moment alone with him I told him a little aside: "Mark, at the shoot you told us of this crazy idea of a competition triathlon, something you called reality TV. You know, we all thought it would never work!" We chuckled together. Here I was in his house on the water in Malibu with his lovely wife Roma Downey. He is now one of the most successful people in Hollywood, if not the World.

This summer I also did a fun shoot with Sportscaster Al Michaels for his new book. In diptych form, the outtakes are included below.

If you need someone photographed, please remember the approach I have built my work around: I go out every day with the intention of breaking visual rules, to create an evocative, cinematic image that inspires.

Workbook Latest Additions: August 24th-30th

Posted by Workbook on 08/25/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineLatest Additions
William Huber
William is a determined, respectful, and hard-working artist. He is constantly looking for ways to add to the ideas at hand and deliver exceptional work within a short time frame. His projects revolve around a loose and fun atmosphere where anything goes, and anything is tried. Collaboration is everything. A fact most often talked about is his speed on set to gather points of view and his collaborative efforts to listen and incorporate ideas in a cohesive image. A priority is his single-minded approach to giving the utmost attention to details and respect toward everyone he works with. It is this connection and care that marks his work over the last twenty years.

Anzalone & Avarella
Photographer Russell Avarella and wife-illustrator Lori Anzalone have partnered up to create Anzalone & Avarella Studios LLC. They offer photography, illustration, and retouching and specialize in imaging for the packaging industry.
Russ attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Lori is a graduate of Parson's School of Design, NYC. Combined, they have over forty successful years working in photography and illustration. Seasoned professionals, they are easy to work with, listen well, and will see that your project is executed with an intense attention to excellence.

Laura Coyle
Laura Coyle creates distinctive art with wide appeal. Her clients include major brands like Target,, Disney, and publications including Better Homes and Gardens and the Wall Street Journal.
Laura made her first foray into product design with Hasbro. She was called upon to refresh the classic Parcheesi board game, a design that had remained unchanged since the early 1900s. In working on Parcheesi, she discovered a love for designing products that can connect with people every day.
Since then, Laura's gift bag, wrap, and paper ware designs have appeared on the shelves at Target, Papyrus, and Hallmark.

Don Morris
Don Morris is an international award-winning illustrator. Over the last twenty-five years, he has won fifty-five Society of News Design International awards, including four this year for illustration. In 2012, he was awarded first place for infographics by the prestigious Society of Professional Journalists. Don's success is the result of his illustrative versatility, as well as his foundational skills as a team leader contributing visual ideas that help formulate and strengthen each story and project he works. His ability to be funny, crazy, or informative is his real strength. Don is represented nationally by artist agent Kiki Pollard of Alexander-Pollard, Inc. Kiki has found Don's journalistic skills work equally well on commercial projects.

Dave Anderson
A multi-talented artist, Dave Anderson's work as both photographer and filmmaker has been widely celebrated. A former MTV producer and director of television production in the Clinton White House, Dave's video series "SoLost" for Oxford American magazine won Best Video Series at the 2011 National Magazine Awards. Dave's work can be found in various museums and galleries worldwide. You can also find his work in the pages of Esquire, Stern, and ESPN magazine, among others. In recent years, Dave has traveled the world documenting Heifer International's charity at work.

Andy Lackow
Andy Lackow, a traditionally trained artist, has achieved national recognition creating award-winning digital illustration for the advertising, publishing, entertainment, interactive, and Internet-based industries. Originally an airbrush illustrator using traditional media, he made the transition to digital media twenty years ago using 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, as well as industry standard image manipulation and graphic design software. Andy imbues clients' concepts with imaginative solutions; he is a highly creative problem solver who creates visual magic on demand and on time.

Andy Clarkson

Dave Moser's Chronicles (Part 3)

Posted by Workbook on 08/21/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography

You can read Part 1 of Dave Moser's series HERE and Part 2 HERE

Dave: I have the ideal client in the truest sense, and this is a dream project. We shared in the editing process, possibly the most important part of the project.
When I shoot, I work quickly and intuitively, shooting at times without looking at the subject and looking for something I have not seen before. Because I am limited to thirty minutes at most per subject, I tend to shoot quite a bit, rather quickly, stopping to ask, listen, connect, and share.
Sometimes my client will ask me to edit prior to presenting the images to him. Other times he goes through each frame with me. He makes the call whether to leave it in but may concede to my opinion if it is strong enough. Often he excitedly states, “That’s it! That’s it. That’s Kenwyn!” Sometimes he considers multiple options and compares.
He is looking for what he knows of that person during the edit, what he has seen before, his experience of that person. I am looking for the best image, unexpected, telling, emotional, and powerful. But what I know of these people is limited and intuited at best. He conceded that he learned more about these people through the experience I conveyed while photographing them. I found the dialogue during our routine editing sessions profound, confirming subtle and intimate details from each of our experiences. His understanding of photography and portraiture grew rapidly, reminding me of why he heads a very successful company.
When I described what I have understood of the subject, my client often felt I was spot on. He often looks for consensus in the editing, which I cannot always provide. I weigh this conviction to his decision with my feelings about the images. At times I strongly disagree and at times I simply nod, totally agreeing.
He will switch out images, often after they are hanging. He will go back and re-edit, or ask me to re-edit, as he sees a pattern of expressions that he decides are not revealing or possibly redundant. I believe on any given day we may pick different images. There is no right image. I know this bothers him, but I cannot consider his occasional question, “Which image is most artistic?” That would lead me towards choosing the best photograph that satisfies my pursuits rather than supporting his collection. After all, the creative process and spontaneity are strong allies of this project.
Ian: This project is dynamic. You will not find someone quite like this man again; he is a man of vision. Could you see this project happening for someone else?
Dave: I don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know…certainly not with the same treatment. The Thread of Vision...
Ian: There is a thread of vision no matter how you treat the subject. It feels as if it was photographed by the same person. It goes beyond technique. It goes beyond style.
Dave: I think the relationship with the man is the thread. These subjects all love him. Many relationships go back decades. Since he did the editing with me, his vision, as well as my own, runs through the project. Our blood is everywhere.

Ten Days to Launch a New Product and Tim Tadder Delivers

Posted by Workbook on 08/20/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlineIllustration
By Heather Elder

When in-house creative director David Oldfield at Lifeproof called Tim Tadder, he had a problem. He had just ten days to launch a new product and a desire to create groundbreaking images. The brainstorming commenced, and the result are new and refreshing portraits that tell the story of the Galaxy S5’s go-anywhere philosophy and of the people who use them. Ten days, concept, production, shoot, post, launch: problem solved.

To see more of Tim Tadder’s work, take a look at his website and portfolio.

Lifeproof Brand Campaign BTS from Tim Tadder on Vimeo.

Shaun Fenn: Into the Surf

Posted by Workbook on 08/20/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesHeadlinePhotography
Photographer Shaun Fenn has a new gallery showcasing the triathletes of Australia. Australian triathlons consist of different events than American versions. Instead of a run, bike, and swim, they run all of their events into the surf. The events include a knee paddle, swim, and a sitting row, all through the surf line, regardless of surf size. These competitions are based on long-standing Australian traditions in life saving. Inspiring to say the least!

Experiencing Summer with Rapp Art

Posted by Workbook on 08/19/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Gerald and Cullen Rapp

Summer is hot and so is our new collection of warm weather-inspired illustrations! We thought it would be great to show off artwork inspired by our favorite summer activities: relaxation, reading, fireworks, and the beach. Oh, did we mention relaxation? Check out an assortment of illustrations below by many of our talented Gerald and Cullen Rapp artists.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan (Below)

Chi Birmingham

Nigel Buchanan


Daniel Hertzberg

John Dykes

Brian Ajhar

Eva Vazquez

Ryan Snook

Sean McCabe

Richard Mia

James O'Brien

The Photography of Jimmy Williams at Open Shutter Gallery

Posted by Workbook on 08/19/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadline

I’m happy to announce my second solo fine art photography show at Open Shutter Gallery in Durango, Colorado featuring some of my favorite photos. Margy Dudley, owner of Open Shutter, curated my work for a show running August 8 through October 4, 2014.

I went to the open reception at the gallery on August 8th and was warmly welcomed by both local enthusiasts and visiting collectors. But what made the experience really special was Margy. She is a talented curator, with connections not only in Durango, but throughout the international photography community. I have seen firsthand her passion for photography, and it comes to life in her exhibits. Frankly, she’s a delight to work with. She also dedicates herself to several humanitarian causes.

In my down time, I explored the Rocky Mountains and have some great new images in the works. Check back soon, and you might see some new photos.

Please visit for the entire collection of available fine art prints.

- Jimmy Williams

(Read more)

Bonnie Hofkin for Balvenie Distillery of Scotland

Posted by Workbook on 08/19/2014 — Filed under:  FeaturesGalleriesHeadlineIllustration
By Joanne Hedge of Hedge Graphics

For the second year in a row, Momentum Worldwide representing Balvenie Distillery of Scotland, makers of rare craft scotch whiskey and owned by William Grant & Sons, engaged Bonnie Hofkin to create drawings for the Rare Craft Collection handbook, curated by award-winning designer Todd Snyder and highlighting twenty-two premier American artisans.
Hofkin is prized for her drawing ability, along with her signature da Vinci look, which often incorporates color. These four copyrighted black-and-white artworks are from the 2014 series.