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Princess for a Day

By Jade Albert

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a party planner. I love to play dress-up, create magic and make goodie bags overflowing with treats.
I invited my friend, the stylist Annie Cavello, to turn my vision into a reality -- yes, indeed, a surprise birthday party for Princess Anna, who would be joined

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Richard Solomon Artists Celebrate the Super Bowl
It's almost time for Super Bowl Sunday! To get you in the mood for the biggest American sports event of the year, Richard Solomon Artists have created a variety of football-themed illustrations and accompanying quotes.(Read more)
Harold Lee Miller's Lacrosse Boots "Hunt" Campaign
Harold Lee Miller's "Hunt" project for Lacrosse Boots was honored as top 10 Editor's Pick in Print Magazine. The campaign was also honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. Congrats Harold!(Read more)