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Announcing the Winners of the Workbook Print Page Drawing...
Congratulations to Dan Cosgrove (image pictured) and Moshe + Rivka Katvan!(Read more)
Inspired by Fairytales
Peter Samuels has photographed a lot of animals. Log on to his website (read his bio, too) and you'll see wonderful themed galleries of cats and dogs and horses but the most intriguing gallery is "Fairytale Inspired." It's a diverse gallery; some of the animals would be classified as "wild;" some domesticated.(Read more)
How to Put Together an Award Winner.
Tim Hawley recently created these images for Connelly Partners/Boston and their client, Samsonite Luggage. The art director, Jonah Hulbert had a very specific set of images in mind for the project, which required Tim to shoot and pull together artwork to create pieces that are fantastic yet, "visually believable." Building three master artworks with multiple derivative sizes for various OOH uses and different print placements was a very collaborative process that took about a month from start to finish. (Read more)