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Ten Days to Launch a New Product and Tim Tadder Delivers
When in-house creative director David Oldfield at Lifeproof called Tim Tadder, he had a problem. He had just ten days to launch a new product and a desire to create groundbreaking images. The brainstorming commenced and the results, are new and refreshing portraits that tell the story of the Galaxy S5’s go anywhere philosophy and the people that use them.(Read more)
Shaun Fenn: Into the Surf
Photographer Shaun Fenn has a new gallery showcasing the triathletes of Australia. Australian triathlons consist of different events than American versions. Instead of a run, bike and swim, they run all of their events into the surf. The events include a knee paddle, swim and a sitting row, all through the surf line, regardless of size.(Read more)
Experiencing Summer with Rapp Art
Summer is hot and so is our new collection of warm weather-inspired illustrations! We thought it would be great to show off artwork inspired by our favorite summer activities: relaxation, reading, fireworks, and the beach. This image by Stephanie Dalton Cowan.(Read more)