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Visual Connections Chicago: Kicking It Up A Notch in 2016!
Visual Connections

Visual Connections returns to Chicago on Thursday, May 5th to stage another networking and education event for image/footage/art buyers and researchers. The venue will again be the beautiful and conveniently located Ivy Room at Tree Studios.

Following our involvement in the New York expo in October, Workbook will again be Principal Sponsor for the Chicago Expo.

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Dear Pope Francis
Vatican CityPope Francis receives thousands of letters from children from around the world each year and the Jesuit Ministry Press, Chicago decided to take on the task of compiling 250 of these letters and the Pope's personal answer to each of them. As part of the launch for "Dear Pope Francis," Jesuit Ministry Press contacted Chicago video graphics company, Daily Planet Productions, to create a video trailer for the web. (Read more)
The Fire Monkey
Year of the Fire Monkey for McDonaldsFebruary 8th begins the Chinese New Year of the Monkey and this year more specifically, the Fire Monkey. There are twelve animals on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar which combine with one of five elements: fire, wood, water, gold and earth, meaning the year of the Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years. Jing Jing Tsong was commissioned by MacDonald's to create the image above which features a band of monkeys celebrating with fireworks.(Read more)