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Workbook is proud to present the fall editions of our Photography and Illustration sourcebooks, available for immediate viewing directly in your Web browser.

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“Nothing kills a great idea faster than a bad execution. At citrus, we supply the concept—Workbook supplies the talent that helps us bring it to life.”

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Thinking "Inside the Box"

By Robb Long

It's not everyday an ad agency approaches a photographer for marketing concepts, but it happened to me, and it couldn't have been more rewarding for all concerned. When they do, it's exciting.
In my case recently, Sioux Falls based agency, Epicosity, brought me in. I had the privilege to meet with their Creative Director and Art

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Workbook Latest Additions: January 25th-February 1st
Leading into February, we've got eight new photographers, illustrators and typographers. This image by Moshik Gulst.(Read more)
A.k.A. Launches a New Site

Creative Illustration Studio, A.k.A., wrapped up this first month of the new year with a new website.

"We recently decided to re build our A.k.A site as we felt the time was right with the introduction of many new technologies and techniques for viewing and constructing sites.

"With this incarnation we wanted to make it as future

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