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Michael Weschler: Still Taking Off
Sometimes, as a creative person, you absolutely need to unplug from the every day. Artists need their solitude and in a big city, it often feels impossible to find it. Whether that means going to a museum for a couple of hours, or walking in the park, we all need to break out of our comfort zone, and really, this applies to everyone. However, if you’re an image maker, particularly, you’ve always got to be stepping back to reflect on a different point of view...(Read more)
Mike Henry's Xbox One Loft Shoot
Photographer Mike Henry shot this new series for Xbox up in Seattle area. Xbox approached Mike wanting something a little different for their lifestyle library, something that felt real, un-staged, and captured youth culture. Mike and his team put together a party scenario in a loft space, with no shot list and just went crazy for 10 hours.(Read more)
Pete Barrett: Color Vibe Coke
Photographer Pete Barrett has a new lifestyle portfolio project that’s all about color. Back about a year ago, Pete was shooting at the Color Vibe 5K run and got some good images but thought that it would be even better to come back and this time bring a handful of 20 something talents along with him to recreate the scene but with a bit more control. Check out the results!(Read more)