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October Instagrams
Baby face in water

Saverio Truglia
Paul Mason
David Zaitz
Tosca Radigonda
Marshall Gordon
Cade Martin
Diana Zalucky
Cheyenne Ellis
Stewart Cohen
Vegar Abelsnes
David Martinez
Leland Bobbe
Mark Wiens
Cheyenne Ellis

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Making Moving Imagery
R. Borge Ill. Boston GlobeSo much work goes into an illustration that given the option, it makes sense to get more out of it by making an image move. iThe artist can continue a story or take it in a surprising new direction. In the process of learning to animate his own images Illustrator Richard Borge, has not only been rewarded creatively but also has something new and valuable to offer his clients. "People often think that it's a very complicated and time consuming process," according to Richard Borge, "but with skill and a little planning, it doesn't need to be."(Read more)
Latest Additions: October 4th - October 10th
Conceptual photo of Dyson vacuum cleaner vacuuming a crop field.This week we're showing off our new production, photography, and illustration talent. The image from Paradigm Color Studio is superbly excecuted with CGI.(Read more)