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Jim Golden: Relics of Technology

Just in time for #TBT (aka Throw Back Thursday), Jim Golden offers up a great animation titled "Relics of Technology."  Here's what he had to say about the project:

"The seeds for the Relics of Technology project started when I found a brick cell phone at a thrift store in rural Oregon. Since finding it, similar

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Thursday Roundup

With so much happening with Workbook contributors, we thought to round them all up to get a better sense of all that's being accomplished.  Here is our first Thursday Blog Roundup.

-Chris Sembrot's personal work series "Humans Kissing Dogs," recently made it on the Feature Shoot blog.  See more on the The Gren Group blog.


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Zina Saunders: IF/THEN
Working on personal projects doesn’t only nurture and enrich the illustrator’s private creative vision, it can lead to some pretty exciting assignments! Case in point: Zina Saunders’ OVERLOOKED NEW YORK series of portraits and interviews with impassioned New Yorkers brought her up on the radar when the producer of IF/THEN, the new Broadway musical starring Idina Menzel, was looking for an illustrator to paint an iconic New York City scene for the poster...(Read more)