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Workbook is proud to present the spring editions of our Photography and Illustration sourcebooks, available for immediate viewing directly in your Web browser.

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“Nothing kills a great idea faster than a bad execution. At citrus, we supply the concept—Workbook supplies the talent that helps us bring it to life.”

Kevin Archer
Executive Creative Director, citrus



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Workbook Latest Additions: September 14th-20th
This week, we've got five new illustrators and photographers to showcase. This image by illustrator Stephen Bailey.(Read more)
New Work from Bonnie Hofkin and Marjorie Muns
Medieval in feeling, of a Kiev woman, this portrait from a series in richly-hued dramatic settings in Bonnie Hofkin’s painterly style, a departure from her well-known Da Vinci-influenced illustration assignments on food, medical, and technical topics.(Read more)
Jonathan Chapman: McDonald's Around the World
The man in black once sang "I've been everywhere" and how true it is with Jonathan Chapman's ongoing travels for McDonald's. After previously shooting in the Far East and Australia, Chapman visited Germany, Spain and England for his latest campaign.(Read more)