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Michael Weschler's "The I of the Camera" exhibition tomorrow!
The opening reception for Michael Weschler's exhibition of limited edition etched glass prints is tomorrow, March 5th, from 6 to 8 pm so if you're in the New York area, check it out!(Read more)
Robert A. Ripps: Urban Trees
From Seattle to San Francisco, Minneapolis to LA, and of course, New York City, award winning photographer Robert A. Ripps captures Urban Trees in their native habitats, sometimes as seemingly inhospitable as an inaccessible alley behind a building, a long vacant lot, or a small dirt plot on the edge of a sidewalk.
In his first monograph, Urban Trees, Ripps answers the question, how does a tree grow in Brooklyn, or in other cities, where people and concrete are constantly encroaching? Like all tenacious urbanites, they adapt.(Read more)
Sara Forrest profiles Nicaragua
"Nicaragua is an environmentally diverse country with beautiful volcanoes, killer surf breaks and endless opportunities for exploration. It is also the poorest country in Latin America next to Haiti. These images are some personal portraits and travel imagery I shot during a recent visit to this incredible place. A couple of images here were shot from the top of a volcano near the town of Granada, but most of these photographs were shot in a very rural part of the country where people have little to no employment and live in extreme poverty. Many of the families featured in these images are friends and neighbors of friends from the US who are living along a rural unpaved coastal road. Prints of their families will be sent down to them shortly. Exploring new places and making new friends is the best part of traveling. I'm already looking forward to returning."(Read more)