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Greg Whitaker for Tricycle Magazine

Photographer Greg Whitaker recently completed a fun assignment for the Winter 2014 of Tricycle Magazine, photo editor Stephanie Heimann.
The subject, Reverend Okummura Shohaku of the Sanshin Zen Community in Bloomington, Indiana. The focus of the 6 page feature story was on the lineage of Reverend Shohaku and his two Masters:
Kosho Uchiyama-roshi is one of the

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Jeff Berting for Sempra Energy
Over the summer, photographer Jeff Berting shot a library campaign for Sempra Energy. The direction was to document the employees of Sempra Energy in their work environment across a variety of locations from residential to construction sites. These images were shot over 5 days at various locations with various employees of Sempra Energy.(Read more)
Evan Klanfer for VVV Magazine

I had a great time working with my buddy Donald Simrock, makeup artist extraordinaire, on a cool beauty editorial that appeared in the inaugural edition of VVV Magazine last month.  Donald and I have been working together for years;  our friendship dates way back to when we both lived in New York.  This affords us

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