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InFocus: Food for Thought
Humorous food safety illustration.

You can see below from our latest InFocus eblast, Food for Thought, Workbook contributors always seem to be working on a variety of food related advertising and packaging. Although the image above by James Shepherd doesn’t fall neatly into either of these categories, it grabbed our attention with its straightforward, humorous take on the

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John Slemp's Flight Jacket Project Takes Off
Aviation jacket Captain Charles A. Mueller WWIIWe first posted about this project last July and a lot has happened since then. John has been working tirelessly to turn this idea into a reality and all the hard work is paying off. He has reached his initial goal of photographing 50 jackets and now has the opportunity to photograph many more. Aviation Museums and Historical Societies all over the country and internationally are now contacting him about different forms of collaboration. The book he plans to publish as well as all the related exhibitions will be a wonderful tribute to the men who wore these jackets, and all Americans who risked their lives during this crucial time in history.(Read more)
DNC Donkeys and Philly Cheese Steaks
DNC Donkey New JerseyIf you're in Philadelphia for the DNC, or just curious about the art scene there in Philly, you might want to start following hometown artist, Hawk Krall on Instagram and check out his website. Hawk is doing his part with his contribution to a community arts project called DNC Donkeys.(Read more)