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Richard Borge for The Washington Post
Illustrator Richard Borge completed this image for the cover story of the Washington Post's Business Section, "The Lobbying Machine, Recalibrated". The image and the story explore how the lobbying industry is being transformed by new technology. This technology is influencing how lobbyists infiltrate congress and work with clients, essentially using data mining to get votes.(Read more)
Laura Coyle's "Game of Life"

Laura Coyle was commissioned by Emory Health magazine to create a Quality Life game board to be the featured illustration for the article, “Predictive Health Approach”. Laura began the project with their list of positive and negative actions as well as common diseases and measurements that predict health. She then designed the game board so that it could actually be played. We

(Read more)
Jonathan Chapman for McDonald's: Europe in Motion
Jonathan Chapman has already traveled around the world shooting for McDonald's, which he chronicled here, and now he's released a follow up post documenting his time spent in Europe. Traveling by trains, planes and automobiles to cities including Barcelona, Munich and London to shoot for one of the world's most recognizable brands is no simple campaign, but Jonathan, as always, was up to the task and produced some outstanding results.(Read more)