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Ilya Voronin's Cover Illustrations
Russian Illustrator Ilya Voronin has illustrated covers for a number of popular books. Check out our full feature for several examples of his work.(Read more)
David Martinez's Style is Perfect for a Library Shoot. See for Yourself.
“I love when the photo market lines up with the way I shoot naturally and instinctually! I’ve always loved to shoot a lot of images, quickly, trying different angles + perspectives and attempting to figure out multiple visual questions in a short period of time. This style of shooting where speed and efficiency matter so much – have often resulted in some of the favorite images I’ve ever made."(Read more)
What Did a Day in a Museum and Taxidermy Get Kevin Twomey Thinking About?
By Heather Elder
Recently, Kevin Twomey worked on a project for the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. Once the project was complete, he sent along this blog post about his experience. Once again, Kevin shares with us what inspires him and gets him thinking. In this case, taxidermy...(Read more)