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Matt Hawthorne Shoots in LA
athlete in the desertMatt Hawthorne was recently in the LA area shooting with Belk Department Store for catalog and in-store signage.(Read more)
Michael Sloan's Sketchbook
NYT Editorial on VoterMichael Sloan now gives us a little insight into his creative process with the recent addition of his "From Sketches to Print" gallery to his website where he shows us the rough sketches alongside the finished work in print. And he has worked for some of the most respected publications on the planet: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Newsweek, and others.(Read more)
Peter Samuel's Fairy Tale Animals
Garbo The Barn OwlWe knew this series was special the first time we saw it and posted about it here last year. The judges for the Communication Arts Photo Annual agreed because they've included five of these "Fairytale Animals" in their latest 2016 edition. There is some crossover with their selection and ours and some new additions to the group, as well. Congratulations, Peter!(Read more)