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Robert Tardio for Coach: Celebrate Dad
It's especially exciting when Coach calls for Robert Tardio. Beautiful merchandise arrives early in the morning. The very talented team of creatives arrive soon after. Robert works closely with their hand-picked stylist, crafting ads like these that, "Celebrate Dad".(Read more)
Photographer+Chef Collaborate on New Lifestyle/Food Blog
Luckybankseats food/lifestyle blogThroughout her travels as a Lifestyle photographer, Diana Zalucky has learned that food can be the best introduction to a culture. Gathering a group of friends and family around a good meal is a pretty fail safe strategy on which to build a great photo shoot filled with real, authentic moments that are the basis for great editorial and advertising photography.(Read more)
Adolfo Valle for NPR
Adolfo Valle contributed this image for the NPR article, "A Crime of Passion: When the Love of Yogurt Burned too Bright", about a man who burned down his own yogurt shop.(Read more)