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Workbook is proud to present the latest editions of our Photography and Illustration sourcebooks, available for immediate viewing directly in your Web browser.

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“Nothing kills a great idea faster than a bad execution. At citrus, we supply the concept—Workbook supplies the talent that helps us bring it to life.”

Kevin Archer
Executive Creative Director, citrus



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Leland Bobbe captures the ageless heroes of Rock & Roll
Photographer Leland Bobbe has just released a new series of black and white portraits that capture a variety of legendary musicians at their most personal.(Read more)
Priscilla Gragg: Daily

"Daily" is a simple story line about the morning routine of a girl and her struggle with a morning accident.

Photo: Priscilla Gragg
Hair and Make Up and concept: Tricia Turner
Model: Emilie with Look Agency

(Read more)
The Q&A with Tom Cocotos
Collage artist Tom Cocotos recently got together with Peggy Roalf of Design Arts Daily to discuss his life in New York, unique style, impressive studio and much more. Check out their interview and some examples of Tom's work.(Read more)