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Workbook is proud to present the spring editions of our Photography and Illustration sourcebooks, available for immediate viewing directly in your Web browser.

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Julien McRoberts: Where Women Create
Julien McRoberts’ work was featured in the recent coverage on designer Nancy Traugott in this month’s “Where Women Create”.(Read more)
Laura Coyle "Student Growth Percentiles" for GPB

Laura Coyle created the illustrations for this new animation video produced by Jesse S. Freeman for the Georgia Public Broadcasting and Georgia Department of Education. The purpose of the video is to explain the Georgia Student Growth Model and so far the reception has been excellent, receiving 4,000+ views on Youtube in the first month.

(Read more)
Latest Additions: July 27th-August 2nd
Starting off the week, we're showcasing five new photographers and illustrators. This image by photographer Grace Chon.(Read more)